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Best boarder in Africa so far. Fast, easy friendly and for free. They know how the Carnet funktions.

Senegal Customs - Correct 13.14747, -16.57733

Cachoeira, Cascada gratis, parking pela motorhome 1dollar, parqueadero por motorhome 1 dollar en temporada alta en temporada baja 0 dollar.

Cascadas de Chindul 0.23089, -79.87998

Lovely place, lovely food! I definitely recommend this place, especially as its nice to eat something "different" once in a while.

Dar Lalla -15.51719, 28.27003

Pretty much as described. Depending on your interpretation, camping might only technically be allowed at the public access area on the North end of the lake, not the west one where this marker is. Stayed at the West one anyway, was the only one there for the night, and no one bothered us. Pit toilet was clean.

Woodruff Narrows/Bear River access area 41.46975, -111.02425

As originally described, little bit of noise from the highway and train, but otherwise fine. Road was decent, couple potholes might be tougher on huge rigs but fine for a van.
Great views of the lake, a few hikers around during the day. Had the place to ourselves all night and was peaceful.

Shasta Lake viewpoint 40.76843, -122.31406

The beach parking is paid and can get full on the weekends. If you don't mind a 30 min walk to the beach then this is a good place to park since this branch is closed on the Saturdays and Sundays.

LMCU parking 26.33145, -81.82695

It's a small area as it's on an island, but there's lots of doggies enjoying the water here. leash free area. Many small boaters anchor in the area. The entrance is muddy, so expect to have to wash you and your dog off at the doggie shower as you leave. There isn't an area to walk your dog. 2 port-a-poties on site.

Water Spigot - Bonita Beach Dog Park 26.38151, -81.86250

Parking lot, WC, water
Possible to pinch few tents on ground
Waterfall, nice view

Skjervsfossen 60.58802, 6.63476

A very quiet place to park, directly next to the Loire River. Easy acces to the water for swimming, though the current is strong so be careful.
The GPS exact coordinates require 4x4, since the ground is made of very loose sand and pebbles. If you stop a bit before at the end of the road, where the trashcan and bench also stand, 4x4 is not needed.
There's a few branches and a bush that we had to push through, but we're a pretty big rig.
Enjoy :)

Loire River spot 46.53470, 3.77120

This area is characterized by its proximity to the highway, and there are sandy lanes suitable for Adv. motorcycles and 4x4 vehicles. There are sand dunes of medium height and crowds are frequent on weekends, especially in winter, suitable as a camping place.
Its official entrance (Google Maps)
26.6080308 - 49.8257305

Dune adventure sport 26.58661, 49.77300

Cellphone signal is ok for Telcel. It has bathrooms. It has parking lots. There's a restaurant. You can rent a cabin or you can pay for a camping site. At the entrance they sell water and soft drinks.

Laguna de Carrizalillo 19.41601, -103.67404

Really quick! Took us only five minutes. You can park your car in front of the building on the side of the curb. It is more easy than on the other side of the road at the official airport parking. There they expect money for the five minutes you park ;) Open on weekdays from 07:30-11:30 and 13:30-17:30. On weekends from 9:00-12:00 and 14:00-17:00

Enjoy! @robjansenphotography

Migration Brazil (Airport), Ponta Porã -22.55187, -55.70590

If you only get your exit stamp, you can better park at the side of the curb. It only took us five minutes and you don't need to pay for parking.

Enjoy! @robjansenphotography

At the airport parking -22.55166, -55.70619

Camping Oficial da FenaJeep 2022. Torneiras com agua e tomadas no poste a cada 30 metros, banheiros-contêiner com chuveiro elétrico.

Parkplatz des Messegeländes -27.09448, -48.90249

loud from the nearby traffic, but good overnight, not bothered

Shirley car pool lot 44.04968, -78.92375

This place is permanently closed.

Station de ski Mont-Béchervaise 48.83682, -64.54352

Wouldn’t recommend, mosque blaring well into to the night and again at 4am…. locals walking through camp very noisy… Ablutions way below standard… Rather travel further up to travellers lodge….

Firefly -6.43947, 38.90826

Would strongly encourage you to not to stay here. At 220 with enough hot water for a splash it is expensive. We arrived, had overpriced food and tiny coffees. Lasagne was poorly microwaved and like cardboard on top. Apple cake is good. We were told some tables were reserved for a party but were not told there would be no food available. We were made to feel very unwelcome, especially when I went in to tell them someone had left their car lights on. Lots of yelling and fighting heard late into the night. It’s not pleasant to pay 220 for a 4 minute shower and to be treated as a nuisance and then listen to reprobates all night

Helmeringhausen Hotel -25.89160, 16.82335

Nice campground to stay the night. Spots are close together so if you want a little more privacy, I wouldn’t stay here. Close to the water. Showers/bathrooms available.

Baraga State Park 46.76208, -88.50058

GPS location is wrong.
$35 a night for campsite.
One bar verizon.
Nice ocean view.
Busy though and campsites are fairly packed together.

Westport-Union Landing State Beach Campground 39.66811, -123.79045

Penalty for overnight parking is much higher, it is at least 120€ and can be fined per person, as it is a violation of nature protection laws and not a parking violation.

Beach parking St. Peter-Ording 54.33343, 8.61820
Leo Sokolovicz

We spent a peaceful night in the hotel's courtyard. We paid 2000 pesos for two people. the place has no structure for camping, it has a bathroom but during the night it is not available. I believe they do not accept tents in floor. The place is safe and quiet.

Hotel Las Curiosas Ecoturismo -26.71321, -60.75222

Stunning lodge and camping with beautiful grounds.
3 family bungalows, 3 double bungalows and grassed camping with electricity. Free Wi-Fi at the restaurant.
All fresh produce grown on the farm. Cold beer!

The Old Kisolanza Farm House -8.14571, 35.41159

Incredible views. Amazing to pull in and have our choice of epic pullouts. Don’t think twice definitely worth pulling in early and soaking it in. Got hit by bad allergies when we got here tho.

Pillar and Shoshone Falls Epic cliff 42.60162, -114.43691

Update. Cops came by to inform us that it’s day use only. Signs will be posted soon.

Pillar and Shoshone Falls Epic cliff 42.60192, -114.43736

we stayed one night in the dry riverbed, in summer there is more water I imagine.
cars are passing through the water as there is no bridge. very nice and calm.

River Border -31.35673, -64.57190

Spent a night here with no issues. A few other cars camping in the lot as well. Pretty quiet aside from a few cars pulling in/out earlier in the night.

Vietnam Mémorial Walk 44.63686, -124.06247

Beautiful sage green landscape with a stunning pond and picturesque canals. Quiet enough even though there are a few dispersed campers around. Thankfully no hunting was happening while I stayed here in mid-June. Perhaps it’s a seasonal thing.

Reynolds Pond 44.06620, -121.01526

Super nice experience in rural Guatemala! Had a good time with Andreas and Alan(local Partner) he showed us a lot about how Kakao is farmed and fermented as well as a nice insight in the living of a normal people. He's got big plans for a school to teach them about dental hygiene and care about the environment etc. Additionally he wants to build a School for mayan knowledge. Easy Route from Lanquin. Difficult Route to Rio Dulce, right now only possible with 4WD. Lovely Flat garden, fair town to shop arround! Thanks!!

Farm Santa Eliza 15.60893, -89.86597

RV dump station near the camp ground $12

Bunker Hills Campground 45.21338, -93.28856

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