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looking for a place to stop for the night, we drove through here. big rig friendly, but seemed kinda run down and several beat up run down RVs there. pit toilets were dirty and smelled. read the info board and it talked about a petroglyphs trail, but didn't have a map how to find it. we moved on.

Apache Creek Campground, free 33.82902, -108.62531

Awesome free NFS CG. Lots of space between sites. Most have picnic tables, fire rings and BBQ grills. Sites aren't well defined and can be a little challenging figuring it out. Plenty of space, though, if you don't care about tables or a fire, even if all the "sites" are taken. One other camper there when we were. Several sites had quite a bit of trash laying around. I filled up a grocery bag full of stuff just around our site. I wasn't about to clean up others. C'mon people! You managed to bring this crap in, you can figure out a way to take it back out with you! Let's all work together to keep nature beautiful for the next camper. No cell coverage except for the very end past the concrete pad. You can get a bar there. Keep going down the path, there, and check out the cliffs on the other side of the valley. Stunning drive, when you leave, if you're heading southwest on Hwy 78. Info board says this is bear country so act accordingly.

Black Jack CG 33.05921, -109.08038

Unfortunately these facilities are now closed when we were there today. The road is closed, but we were able to walk to the building.The restrooms were locked and the water was shut off.

Glen canyon 37.87706, -110.38165

Beautiful location. Very secluded and quiet. We hoped to be able to kayak in the river, bit the current was way too strong

Across Hite, right at Colorado River 37.88793, -110.40018

Workers will get you out to the roundabout outside the gates. They can’t legally lock you in so they’ll try to get you out. Roundabout is okay to park a little bit of partying over night. Nice quiet and dark besides that.

Baseball Park 32.79010, -117.04759

We were not able to get Malawian Kwacha here and were advised to use the guys in the street.

WARNING: Be careful when exchanging money at the border and in the streets in Chipata. The guys will try to trick you in various ways e.g.
1) they tell you the exchange rate is 800 Malawi Kwacha for 1 USD, but when you do give them 50USD they only give you e.g. 20,000 Kwacha hoping to confuse you into thinking it’s the right amount
2) they come back after a few minutes telling you that you accidentally gave them a 5 USD instead of a 50 USD (they look very similar) trying to get you to give them a 50 in exchange for a 5.
3) after you’ve done the exchange they come back with a 20 or 50 dollar note with a tear or a ink mark on it telling you you gave it to them and they cannot accept it. Don’t take it back, they’re just trying to get you to take their bad notes.

atlasmara bank -13.64007, 32.64760

Went here looking for accommodation and they told us to go to Green Hill Lodge

Compass Lodge -13.79357, 32.88506

Got a double room for 10,200 Kwacha. Two big rooms and a bathroom with secure parking. Basic, but was perfect for the night.

Greenhill lodge -13.79197, 32.88673

Duas noites neste estacionamento. Conseguimos água com o rapaz que lava carros. Lugar movimentado, mas tranquilo. Tem flanelinha que não nos cobrou nada.

Estacionamento Praia Curva da Jurema -20.31001, -40.28705

Very nice spot close to the road but you are hidden by a tree and there is almost no car passing by. Beautiful view on the volcano. We felt very good

Algarrobo -23.02803, -68.20063

We did the RP 13 with our lifted VW T5 4x4. If you drive the 'proper' RP 13 which goes around the mountain, you're ok to drive it with a 4x4 car when it's dry. Don't take the steep road which goes straight up the hill. The road gets narrow sometimes so better don't go with a big rig. it was quiet an experience 😀.

Very steep part RP13 -32.89196, -68.83889

We did the RP 13 with our lifted VW T5 4x4. If you drive the 'proper' RP 13 which goes around the mountain, you're ok to drive it with a 4x4 car when it's dry. Don't take the steep road which goes straight up the hill. The road gets narrow sometimes so better don't go with a big rig. it was quiet an experience 😀.

RP13 - Mendoza to Uspallata -32.74204, -69.15958

great veiws, the main road is very well maintained, the side roads are a bit tougher but we made it in our 32ft skoolie no problem. There is a great 24 hour diner at the entry to this road as well! the only issue we encountered was quite a bit of exposure to the wind.

Hwy 153 Roadside 41.55023, -109.43567

There's a chain up now at the access road entrance :( if you're on a bike it's no problem (go under chain or there's an opening the fe ce about an 1/8th mile north).

Riverside 37.61981, -112.45016

Just after the descent (if you're going south) there is a low ravine/ditch that gives fairly decent coverage from the road and then has at least some wind protection. No water in the little Arroyo here mid May. Great for a cyclist who just needs a spot for the night

Roadside -47.33081, -71.00323

We could buy a few snacks at the kiosko and refill our water bottles (only place we found between Humahuaca and Tres Cruces)

Azul Pampa -22.96884, -65.43652

Nice and quiet place. We didn't go down on the river, seems like a bad idea to camp in a riverbed. So we stayed near the old ovens 200 meter before the bridge.

Rio Jachal -30.40114, -68.68239

Great place for us! Beautiful pool friendly people, quietly, secure, bathroom ok! Fast wifi, electricity with an extension 110v for refrigerator

Beautiful views

Posada Del Mar 15.78044, -87.47534

Nice hotel at one km distance from the Takht-e Süleyman site. price was 25 Euro for two persons incl. breakfast. The owner is Mr. Jahani +98 935 726 8851. The last 200 m are a bit difficult to find, so better call the owner to guide you.

Ater Eco Resort 36.61097, 47.21678

If you're can't bear the stifling heat and humidity of Tapachula, this is a literal breath of fresh air. Rustic campsite, popular with local people on weekends and holidays. $10 to park for the day, after some consideration they charged me $50 for the night. Flattish field with pine trees on one side, under which are benches and tables, BBQ grills and space for hammocks etc. Bucket flush toilets, a small restaurant and tiendita, they also rent a bunch of stuff, from hammocks to balls, at reasonable prices. It's on the slopes of the volcano with good views up on a clear day.

I believe it's possible to hire a guide for the trek up from here if you wish - 7 or 8 hours to a campsite below the summit, an hour and a half or so to the crater from there, then back down - so a two-day trip total - they quoted $3000.. apparently possible to do without guide, ideally around December when there are lots of people hiking - but they warned me that the cost of a rescue is closer to $10,000!

Not really set up for vehicles I think - the road is accessible but a little steep and rough towards the end - they asked me to move my van away from the trees once I was up, and park it over in the far corner.

What sporadic phone reception there is comes from the Guatemalan side, so unless you have an active Guatamala SIM it's not much use to you. Mexican signal in Union Juarez below. Check out the mirador in Cordoba, and if you want to stretch your legs there's a shortish but steepish hike through the jungle down to a small waterfall from there too. Pity the folk who commute to and from school and work from there daily!

El Bosquecito 15.09181, -92.08357

Ended up 2 nights in this carpark. No problems at all. As previously said we also spoke to the receptionist at the Hyatt hotel who confirmed it was ok. 2 coaches stayed 2 nights plus a few cars Some noise from the railway. Close to the river walk recommended.

Wichita Central Car Park 37.68130, -97.34030

Nice big Super Walmart store with all the RV/ camping supplies you may need as well as groceries. A fair amount of highway noise through town (loud motorcycles) but quiet after 10 pm.

Walmart - Cañon City 38.44900, -105.19335
Nico Eichmann

Beautiful view !
Large space quite flat. Lots of possibilities to find a place.

A bit windy in the afternoon, but calm during the night.
"Ruta 40" is quiet during the night.

Unfortunately, some locals use this place as a dump fot their garbage. But it's hidden behind bushes. Not a problem for the view and atmosphere.

Found a dead cow not far.

Near Molinos -25.46411, -66.23940

Great night time camping spot for doing low key park the truck, sleep in the truck camping. Do note that this is a road in a neighborhood. In the mornings many people like to use this access point to walk their dogs on the beach. Also there is construction happening on the property south of this site, don’t plan on having significant privacy in the mornings. Not the best spot to set up an established campsite but a a great spot to pull in and sleep safely while visiting the area. We spent 3 nights sleeping at this location w/o issues.

San Pedrito 23.36039, -110.19529

Lovely couple of spots off this lake, easy to find. Quiet, was some trash left. Looks like you could swim and fish, I got in with my little jetta city so I wouldn’t be worried about what car you have!

Shiner Lake - Crown Land 45.24495, -76.88117

great dispersed camping in george washington and jefferson national forest. up the road from a beautiful pull off spot that leads to a very short downhill hike to the falls of dismal that you don't want to miss ( youll see a sign)! stayed here one night in our lifted ford ecoline. we dont have 4x4 and the tires spun a bit trying to get positioned in a flat spot at this site, but we made it work. it was spring and had rained recently so that ground was a little muddy. plenty of room for our cat and dog to run around away from the road. a nice trail across the road that leads to a creek spot. someone drove up in a van to try to park next to us but we kindly asked them to move on and they found another spot down the road. a bit of trash but not extreme. the only bad thing i would say is that it isnt very flat, but you can find a few pretty flat spots.

Meadow wood 37.20593, -80.87470

wifi, shower (with cost), coffee shop, water, and a big place to park. A bit noisy at night, 24 hs open and many trucks, you can park further, we choose closer for wifi. very nice place.

YPF La Puerta -30.88876, -63.24860

Plenty of sites here, we were the only ones. There is quite a bit of rubbish around here and we collected an entire bag in order to stay in a clean camp. Great views but somewhat susceptible to wind.

Alexander Trosa Wild Camp 39.72260, 26.15827

I went to check this place but decided not to stay. As I was parking there was a guy watching from the house right in front of this spot, so I decided to go back to the mirador del Ingles spot.

Puente Pingueral -36.53009, -72.91141

Perfect for day use - $10 to be there until sunset. I used the outdoor shower to wash my hair…a little awkward and the water is obviously cold but idk if there are indoor private showers in the actual campground area. Beach area is nice though!

Gaviota State Beach and Campground 34.47178, -120.22797

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