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Don't visit this area, it is off limits. My friends and I went and were charged $1000 for trespassing. It's a beautiful area, they just want to keep it that way. Please don't camp here.

Stony Lake Bay 44.61023, -77.99676
A very long Honeymoon

What an awesome find! We askes one of the guards where we should park best, gave him and the other one who was in the next street a 7up and had a quiet night of sleep.

Parque Madreselva 13.66415, -89.25534

Very easy to get to off I80 exit 271 westbound. Turn right when exiting the freeway and the road immediately crosses a cattle guard and turns dirt. Heavy tire ruts show this is not a good place in rain but it was dry and easy for us. We went up about a half mile to a it super flat open space. Good AT&T and T-Mobile coverage. Very quiet with no other traffic. Can barely hear the interstate traffic but mostly just heard birds. Good place for overnight.

Crickets Landing 40.66322, -116.26408

Very nice, quiet place to spend the night. Lovely picnic table area, grass to run the dog and a port a potty. Quiet night here, would stay again.

Nelson County Tourism Center 37.75083, -78.87988

Nice quiet place by the park. No parking Monday to Friday between 7h and 17h. Other than that, no other sign.

parc Victoria 46.81525, -71.23339
Humble Bumble

This place is so cool, worth a one night visit for sure. The non-electric sites are mostly tucked right in with the rocks. Site numbers a little hard to figure out on some sites. Showers and flush toilets up at visitor center which can be a bit far from some campsites. Fair Verizon and AT&T LTE. Water hydrants by bathrooms.

City of Rocks State Park 32.58803, -107.97701

Little to no traffic overnight! Great views and clean bathrooms. Stayed my "Allowed 8hrs". This is a beautiful spot, please keep it that way!

Baynes Sound rest area. 49.54998, -124.86882

Endroit très tranquille pour passer la nuit

Plaza del Reloj Parking -34.40758, -58.59212

Cracker Barrel with rv spots. There were a couple other rv’s as well as us. Felt safe

Cracker Barrel 38.23224, -77.49945

En bordure de rue, bien situé pour visiter Chicago à pied et vraiment tranquille pour dormir.

Arround the square 41.90117, -87.64211

Small parking lot, 5 minutes walking from main square. Ask for Edgar, very friendly owner that will let you camp for a small rate. The place has Toilets but no showers yet, but he is working on it. Gate is closed during the night. Better for small rigs, class B (Vans) or smaller.

Chamaki Parking Lot 20.01876, -97.52434

perfect on the river,allowed 14days,in the forest, 400 left from the hwy if you came from rest area, gravel road but ok

Sproat Creek 49.29553, -125.28492

overnight or camping not allowed, good place for a rsst, free fast wifi telus but you have to registered and within 10min verified per email

Rest Area Taylor Arm, Hwy.4 West to Tofino 49.29532, -125.28448

Regular truck stop with a small rv section separate from the truck parking area. Not a great space for dogs, but worked for one night.

Petro Canada 49.82166, -96.93385

Stopped for a break to make dinner. Seemed like a great spot to stay overnight. Dogs loved it.

Rest area 49.90228, -99.21475

Beautiful sunset and view in the morning. Arrived 30 min before sunset and 6-8 vehicles parked in area, all teenagers going to top to watch sunset. Cleared out shortly after sunset with a couple visitors till 10 then all quiet. Spotty straight talk data with booster.

Beauty Spot Unaka Mountain 36.11757, -82.33279

Saw the "no overnight" signs posted on pull in, went and checked with management and they said it was fine. They stated it's "park at your own risk" but they've never had any issues, and that they won't tow you for staying overnight. I got the feeling that the signs help management enforce if anyone is overstaying their welcome.

Currently a Class A and a trailer here with us in a converted Promaster. Quiet and not too much road noise, good amount of parking behind the restaurant with some green spaces for walking the doggos.

Cracker Barrel 38.32293, -104.61748

Free water wasn't working when I went at 5pm

McArthur Island Park 50.69395, -120.37857

Great flat spot to sleep for the night. It’s a neighborhood w active residents so I arrived late and left early. Seems like there are a lot of other good spots nearby.

Earl gate Treet 34.49804, -117.37137

Muy lindo camping que nos resultó muy tranquilo, tal vez porque fuimos fuera de temporada. el lugar es muy grande y tiene muchas instalaciones preparados para recibir mucha gente. pero en nuestro caso estábamos casi solo. hay lugar para carpas y para motorhome. nos quedamos 2 noches.

Camping Salto Berrondo -27.48114, -55.19512

Still open, still free and in decent condition. Nothing huge but a nice place to go for a walk

Coca Zoo - free entry -0.50448, -76.92741

Stayed one night here, really peaceful. But it was Saturday so there was music until midnight or more but in weeks they will be no one. Feel safe.

Puerto Momotombo 12.40489, -86.60992

Tractor Supply Co fills propane quick and easy.

Tractor Supply Co 35.38353, -86.23373

Perfect one night place for motorbiker . Road here goes on gravel , but is Ok

Wild camping 49.05181, 18.63715

Beautiful spot under the trees, adjacent and overlooking the flat rock coastline shelf. Space for ~5 camp sites, though low trees mean only 1 or 2 of these can accommodate rooftop tents.

You may be asked to hire a "security guard".
The regular campers here recommend NOT employing anyone (though possibly mentioning that one has already hired secretive guard).

The road in is intimidating after rains, and has braided sections when trying to avoid mud and rocks.

Luputhana Coastal Forest -31.41999, 29.85663

Informal camp sites ($20 ish) are fairly private nestled in a green forest. If you arrive for late check in, after the country store is closed, go to the lodge. The campground is locked and you're given a key to enter. Quiet hours begin at 10 PM. Pit toilet was too stinky for me, but a clean bathhouse with flush toilets, showers, and laundry are available down the road at the improved campsite. You are given a code to enter. Photos are of improved campground with big rigs.

Desoto state park 34.50003, -85.62099

Best deal to visit San Francisco. Stay here at Visa Point for overnight (fantastic view). During the day, pass the bridge and move to the free parking at Crissy Beach Parking lot. Take the bus number 30 and buy the bus day pass for 5$.

Vista Point San Francisco 37.83248, -122.47948

Parked our van overnight in the small RV section of the rest area. It was full but we fit behind a smaller RV. Despite “no camping” signs, a couple RVs looked like they had been there a few days at least. Free dumping, hookups, and potable water spigot. Bit of a crowded rest area. Good ATT service. We stayed until 2p the next day to work and had no issues.

SeaTac Rest Area 47.27071, -122.31445

Nice place to park for the night, near tourism office.

Lindo lugar para pasar la noche cerca de la oficina de turismo.

Plaza Sarmiento -32.61620, -66.12805

Arteaga is one of the pueblos magicos of Mexico and the main square is very nice to park a van, except on Sundays, when a famous market happens. Also, the weather is usually a little bit colder than Saltillo, so very nice to avoid the heat.

Alameda de Arteaga 25.45125, -100.85771

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