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Closed as of 5/1/22. Giant cement blocks blocking the parking lot. Feels like it’s permanent, but not sure.

Elk Valley Casino 41.75935, -124.15282

A small hut for storms. Its always open and there is a small water tank for emergency. Its at the beginning of an golf club so be aware of flying golfballs ;)

Wetterschutzhütte 47.32799, 11.12474

A small fountain eith portablr water and on the other side of the road there is an open toilett

Mösern Toilette und wasser 47.31141, 11.14607

A fountain with portable water and a picknickbench

Picknickbank 47.30735, 11.05631

a fountain with potable water on the Jakobsweg

Jakobsbrunnen 1977 47.30151, 11.00946
4ever2wherever (Margriet & Jan)

Quiet, flat place a few kilometers outside town.
Along the small road going downward is a place with river view (but less flat). Good LTE reception

Kapit 2.01470, 112.94975

Very quiet and lovely campsite by the river. There are no facilities (only basic toilets) but it’s a very nice stop. Moses was very friendly and made a big fire for us. It’s safe and very peaceful ! 10,000 pppn (our kids did not pay)

River Valley Campsite (Mfumbi) -8.88031, 34.09701

Beautiful rustic campsite with very friendly owners and staff. Facilities are nice, hot water shower with donkey, private ablutions and daily cleaning. No shops or restaurant close by. You can walk to the beach in 15 minutes and there are also 4x4 beach trails.

Campismo da Cuna -25.46927, 32.97220

Warm welcome by the owners/host Jos and Carol Maritz.
A quiet space, not far from the road.
Funny showers and toilets.
Everything clean and well maintained.
We really enjoyed this night under the stars.
NAD150 ppn
[email protected]

Goais Camp -25.95031, 16.90084

Full camping world with store and dump station. No water to fill up they told me though.

Camping World 27.91857, -81.72852

6 parking places next to the road with a panoramic view. Free. Use caution, as another travel app states someone got robbed here. I decided to stay and had no issues. Beautiful view of the bay. Some noise of course, as it’s by the road.

Free parking with a view 43.69399, 7.30638

Since the Playa Blanca spot a bit to the North (see other entry) was full of rigs, we drove down the beach track to a spot without rocks to enter the water. Mostly level, only some locals who spent Sunday evening here. Apart from that, only the sound of the waves .

South End of Playa Blanca -20.34095, -70.15413

This location is for both the communal house and a big flat grassy patch.

We are following the TransEcuador bike route. We had resupplied up in Angamarca then came down to this nice little town (very tiny!) with very kind people.

We asked if we could camp somewhere and we were directed to the church. The folks at the corner store by the church chatted with us for some time and kindly offered to open the communal house for us - there we had access to water, flush toilets, and electricity (+ outlets that worked!).

The communal house is right in front of a green flat patch “potrero” where we were initially going to camp.

The folks kindly offered to open the communal house; we did not ask, so just keep that in mind.

Shuyo Chico - camping at the casa comunal -1.12521, -78.92119

Good spot. Pricing for motorhomes is $1990 pesos. Fast Wifi, bathroom with heating and hot shower. Barbecue and electrical outlets. It's in front of the city's cinema, the campground seems closed, but at the entrance there's a phone number. Just call and arrange everything with Cristina, who spends the night checking if everything is ok and charging the amount.

Bom local. O preço para motorhomes é de $ 1990 pesos. Wifi rapido, banheiro com calefação e chuveiro quente. Churrasqueira e tomadas para luz. Fica em frente ao cinema da cidade, o camping parece fechado, mas na entrada tem um número de telefone. É só ligar e combinar tudo com Cristina, que passa a noite conferir se esta tudo bem e cobrar o valor.

Gob. Gregores Municipal Camping -48.75443, -70.24342

Axion gas station in the city roundabout. It has great convenience, toilets and free hot shower. They're all friendly, but the Wi-Fi doesn't work in the parking lot.

Posto de gasolina Axion na rótula da cidade. Tem uma grande conveniência, banheiros e chuveiro quente gratuito. São todos amigáveis, mas o Wi-Fi não funciona no estacionamento.

AXION Station-Perito Moreno -46.58253, -70.92778

great spot, tons of firewood, wind usually dies around 9pm. 2 tacomas easy to get too

Bonfire point 27.13238, -112.06930

There is a nice place to parking. You can swimming, walking, picknicken but no camping and fireplace. Maximum high for motorvehicle 2,10 m.

Parking for a good day 45.10031, 14.47040

SUV camper here - parked in the back corner of said parking lot and didn’t get bothered. Didn’t check in with security. An RV shared the lot with me overnight but that was it. Very quiet, level, full 5G with mint/T-Mobile. Happy camping! :-)

Blue chip Casino 41.72134, -86.89173

Just follow the local tourists from the parking.
But if by chance you’re alone, here are the coordinates.

Underground mosque 44.32223, 51.60217

Thankfully they also have plov and manti, if diesel isn’t your thing..

Restaurant with diesel . 44.29694, 51.41908

Contact the owner, Adnan, on warmshower.
Private Garden arranged with a shed where you can lock your bike, shower, sink. The owner is really nice and an old cyclist!

Free CYCLIST campsite 37.94745, 27.36576

Easy over night stop if you are in the area. People are running generators here so no need to be stealthy. No amenities. 1-2 bars LTE on ATT. Free!

Lucky 7 Casino 41.95624, -124.20167

Very nice spot with lots of space. So we followed the recommendations to park at some distance so we were not bothered by the locals visiting the pool.

They are very friendly and gave as tips for the best spot in the pool.

The three dogs are a bit wild but very friendly.

sulphur hot spring 42.10438, 42.58628

there is parking lot in front of police station. we asked to the police officer If It was possible to stay the night, and It was ok. no facilities, and a little noisy because of the Avenue. but ok for one night. you need to ask First.

parking at the police station -18.02637, -70.26136

unfortunately I am here right now and the entire parking lot has been refurbished, it looks nothing like the pictures. the tap has gone too

water tap -42.76239, -65.03490

Here is where you can find a cell phone signal in the park, as they are hard to come by! Go to site #118 and cross the large wooden footbridge. Go up a small hill for 200 feet and you will see the historic Pfeiffer cabin on your right. Climb the double track fire road on foot behind the cabin for 5 minutes, and you will have 3 bars of Verizon there. I did a Speedtest and it was 27 down/8 up from this spot.

Big Sur State Park 36.24596, -121.77261

Concur with the below remarks, absolutely stunning and gorgeous site!
Abandoned mine as well.
Great place to stop for a night/day.

Track very well at this moment, suitable for all cars/rigs

Camp at siete colores -31.51652, -69.39178

absolutely stunning and gorgeous site!
Abandoned mine as well.
Great place to stop for a night/day.

Track very well at this moment, suitable for all cars/rigs

Cerro de los siete colores -31.51652, -69.39179

Great little spot, we stayed here 2 nights. The second night there was another camper that joined us. Quiet, safe, and would definitely recommend staying here!

Splinter city disc golf course 33.65902, -78.92926

Nice place next to the river with no wind, so perfect for a rooftop tent.

Parilla place -31.76976, -64.53694

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