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não encontrei adaptador para botijão brasileiro

OCANA - Gas Adaptor Shop -24.79418, -65.42056

fazem recarga porém necessita adaptador se for de outro país

propane charge -24.79412, -65.42055

recarrega e vende garrafa. número da casa 1485

recarga garrafa 3 kg inclusive -24.77146, -65.41062

As described. Arrived just before sunset et leaved at 8 in the morning. No problem with our sprinter (saw one other camper)

Waterfront 36.63336, -121.93795

The Walmart next door had posted signs, so I chose to park next door. The mini mall was not posted and there was an RV there that was camping, not just one night. Several small lots in the area that might also work. Walmart seemed to be the only area posted at all.

Valcano Restaurant mini mall 36.29502, -76.29759

Se puede pasar la noche aquí gratis, usar los baños y la ducha de la piscina (sólo en la noche). También hay agua potable para cargar. El muchacho encargado y el señor que vive ahí son muy simpáticos. Un poco de ruido temprano con la gente que viene a hacer deporte, nos tocó los cadetes de la policía entrenando duro, espectáculo muy divertido 🙂

Club deportivo de "La Consulta" -33.74164, -69.13134

Nice variety of fruit & veg, can buy small bags, or bulk. Open Mon - Fri 07h00 - 17h30 and Saturday 07h00 - 14h00. Credit cards accepted.

Mr Veg -17.80625, 25.24660

Probably the best paid site we’ve visited. Super peaceful as we were the only RV and next to a farm / picnic area. 💯 better than a campground.

Wyandot service plaza 41.48940, -83.37163

Fuel station w Convenient Store & FREE potable water spigot between Pump #5 & #6

Sinclair Fuel & Old Farm Market 41.14294, -111.80115

Just wanted to add a few pix. It also has a nice hiking trail & more leveled parking for smaller rigs across the street.

Creekside Canyon 41.24059, -111.90476

Come here for gas fill and dump. Asked if they have water for us to fill our rv. Sonya is so friendly and she is so awesome to assist us to fill our water as their water hose is in the car wash side building.

Esso Gas Station 46.41878, -63.77975

Nouveau tarif 100Q par personne.
le 🌋 est éteint, il n'y a plus de chaleur. c'est fini pour les guimauves, malgré que des locaux allument des feux de bois...
Belle balade et très belle vue sur les autres volcans.
est cher pour 3 heures de balade.

Volcán Pacaya trailhead 14.39968, -90.61513

The road dropped off here due to heavy rain and will be single lane probably for a while (officials say 15th of May 2022, but that may be optimistic). Long lines on both sides, we needed 7 hours to reach this point. Slept on the old road just behind the construction side (it's the next spot towards inbague on ioverlander - not quiet, not nice, but it was already dark).

Road is single lane due road fault, expect long delays 4.41196, -75.34335

Grassy tree covered clean neighborhood park. Very casual. Honor system pay. $15 for electrical hookup site or $3.50 if ya don’t hookup.

Also, it has a disc golf course :-)

Napawalla Park 37.27302, -97.17293

There are no signs posted regarding overnight parking. We stayed the night but kept the pop top down. Was not bothered. Moderate highway noise but tolerable. Nice for an overnight stop if you arrive in Colorado Springs late.

Scenic overlook 38.97884, -104.81058

Hi all,

As the owners, we regretfully need to inform everyone that the site will be closed for camping this summer and fall (2022), since we're planning to make some improvements in the property and will hopefully be out there ourselves much of the time.

We very much appreciate the previous visitors being respectful of the property, and possibly may open things up in a limited way next year.


27444 Hwy 575 51.50472, -113.76833
Bruce in Mexico

Checkpoint still here. Headed Southbound- We were funnelled off the road past some military personnel but not asked to stop. They had a bus pulled over that was keeping them busy.

Looked like they were checking northbound traffic.

Military checkpoint 31.32698, -109.46545

Great place! When we arrived there was a man working and he welcomed us very friendly and opened the toilets for us. He told us that at the moment it is free, but maybe for next summer they start to charge something, maybe... We had a quiet night here.

Camping Municipal -27.44950, -54.57844

Very nice place to stop for a picnic or to overnight.
Belle endroit pour un picnic ou pour une nuit. Trois sites de courtoisie avec eau et électricité .

Thank you very much to the owner!

Earlton RV's Courtesy Campground 47.74736, -79.82545

local tranquilo e bem iluminado a noite. vi carros da polícia passando algumas vezes

Praia de Paripueira -9.46534, -35.54363

Beautiful, clean quiet RV park, well maintained with gathering place shelter. About 30 mi east of Dodge City. Set up with full hook-ups (water electricity, dump) on concrete slabs surrounded by grass. Pull- through. Very friendly hosts. We were just passing through and asked if we could use dump site and fill up with water. Laundromat, ice…They let us use it for free!
Phone 620 659-2321

4 Aces RV Park 37.90615, -99.41425

Could ask if they will let you use the dump station. And fill up with water.

4 Aces RV Park 37.90615, -99.41425

Just a note that the $3 USD to exit has to be USD. We only had cordobas and my husband had to walk all the way back out to the entrance to the guys with the cash plus we lost our place in line.

EXIT Nicaragua - Penas Blancas, Nicaragua/Costa Rica border 11.21544, -85.61225

Price is now ARS 800 per basket, bit they are really big. We had clothes from 3 weeks, including bed linen and towels and it was only 2 baskets in total.
We handed in the laundry around 11:00h and unfortunately at 16:45h it was not yet ready.

La Batea -24.79066, -65.41548

Trash available and water is turned on May 13.

Cedar Dunes Provincial Park 46.61947, -64.38499
Craig Martin

The spigot is on a white metal building at 3rd and central.

Kremmling Water Sales Station 40.06022, -106.39211

an absolutely beautiful place on the current river with electric hookups a dump station freshwater pull through and back in tent or RV parking camping spots and the best hot showers ever cost is 20.00

Round Spring 37.28010, -91.40835
A very long Honeymoon

This is the correct start of the road to Telica volcano. Depending on where you're starting from, Google Maps and Maps.Me will lead you to a road starting from NN252 instead. That will not work out though if you want to reach the other spots where you can camp or park for an easy hike to the crater! Locals told us this is the only way.
High clearance needed, without 4x4 you might not make it until the very end. If your rig is >3m in height and >2.2m in width you might not make it either due to overgrown tracks.

Road to Telica Volcano 12.53662, -86.90367

Nice sand spot peaceful.
We where able to go there with a van and my truck with a 12' camper on the truck.
to get there go at the end of the dead end there a sand trail it clear high and wide enough for a camper and smaller.
keep the place clean and peaceful please so people could keep coming here .

sand spot behind abandon sport field 46.39037, -72.66293


This place is for camping closed

Camping do Círculo Militar -9.95752, -67.80674

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