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Clean, concrete parking place to stay. For 250kw we got a key from room to shower. The food in the restaurant was very delicious. Due to the nice garden and the very friendly manager maria, we decided to stay a second night.

Wannabes Lodge -9.34051, 32.75710

SUPER nice place!
We stayed for two nights. Just some cows with their shepherds came by a few times (funny to see cows eating in the middle of the river).

Bushcamp Field 39.54584, 45.99608

nice place, cheap and quite.

lots of place.

tranquil et pas chère, beaucoup de place, petits sanitaires mais suffisant.

Le lavoir d'arlinde 44.19278, 4.24307

Convenient and comfortable parking on gravel with services for vans/trucks, etc. Very nice owners, 1 bathroom with shower, picknick area and shuttle service within Trapani included in the price 10 Euro/24 hours. 40 mn walk to either center and cable car to Erice. Quiet at night. Supermarket and Decathlon across the street.

La Salina Parking 38.00962, 12.53058

Road north to sowe town has narrow paths lined with thorny bushes. The path here is also more difficult and steeper at the dry river sections than the road leading into kukonje island. Had a tire puncture as well. 4x4 needed when wet it looks like

Narrow path not suitable for big rigs -20.84208, 26.26757

Big rock block the street. Now way to come through.

Rock Block 39.77983, 45.62672

Can't camp next to the swimming pool anymore, but there some options left. Many people washing their clothes and cars, having a bbq on Saturday. Fairly quiet night, nice spot to interact with the locals.

Front Curahuasi Balneario -13.54170, -72.71108

gas station, open until 10 pm but has security and restrooms 24 hours a day. A very large parking lot, very quiet place for a gas station. There is hot and cold water available.
posto de combustível, funciona até as 22 horas mas tem segurança e banheiros 24 horas. Um estacionamento bem amplo, lugar bem silencioso para um posto. Tem água quente e gelada gratis.

Posto Cavaliere -29.20601, -51.44220

No overnight camping (I don't know about overnight parking if different there is) there but very nice place with a lake on both side, a water tap behind the building and lots of outlets near the building too.

Grass Creek Park 44.29271, -76.31032

Large site for at least 3 vehicles. Established fire ring. Abundant ticks and poison ivy when we went in May but a nice spacious site. Plenty of wildlife activity throughout the day with all sorts of birds. Yotes and Owls at night and plenty of firewood to use if needed. Moderate road traffic throughout the day. Little to none in the evening. 1-2 bars Verizon LTE. No toilets.

Lincoln Back Branch Hoosier NF 39.01120, -86.29491

We overnight 2 days. During the day it is very visited but it is quiet at night. Two kilometers from the Jewish quarter. The same to the Parlament.

Arak Parking 47.51564, 19.07025

Open again. Near a Bridge with view to the castle.

Parking next to Danube 48.13662, 17.11495

Maybe small rigs can manage to get through. But it’s dangerous with the cliff on one side 🙈

Rock Block 39.77983, 45.62672

Don’t drive this road that is on maps me. There are more than 10 half metre potholes created by some animal, we fell into a few with our cruiser and had difficulty coming out

More than 10 half metre potholes -20.46211, 26.18648

um ótimo lugar para passar a noite. calmo, em frente à lagoa, com o som da água que é bem relaxante. restaurantes perto

Praia Laranjal -31.77351, -52.22512

After getting the documents at the costums in Khoy, you must go to this police station to get the license plates (but before you must go to the Melli bank in Khoyto pay for the plates. Ask someone who speak English to help you with this or get the address at this police station). It's hard to see from the road as you won't recognize it as a police station. Entrance at the right side. Park at the road.

Iranian number plates 38.59007, 45.05254

After crossing the Kapikoy- Razi border you have to come here to get the documents (for travelling around the country) or the documents for the Iranian license plates

Customs Razi border 38.52619, 44.95788

completely overgrown and no sight at this spot. we parked 2,5 kilometres before almost next to the river. Anyhow a fence on the other side is protecting the cattle from the animals from the park, so the fence keeps the wildlife away from the water...

Boteti River Bushcamp -20.30967, 24.27861

First we wanted to park down on the beach, but we were unsure regarding the tide during the night. So we chose this place behind a dune. There is a no-parking sign, but as it is off-season, nobody showed up. Shower was good, but cold.

Barra do Chui -33.73517, -53.36114

Stationnement près d’un lac où vous pouvez pratiquer le Kayak ou le canot

Parc municipal 46.33351, -73.49138

wonderful place within the city with an incredible view, campfire area, private parking, hot water, wifi, Netflix, the best view of the horizon just 200 meters from downtown.Whatsapp 324 5576648

Hotel Casa azul 6.81879, -73.26974

This is the new location for the Dian Fossey research centre. A very large complex housing Dian Fossey exhibitiion and Gorilla centre. A wonderful informative and interactive place with short films in a 360degree cinema and learning centre. All indoors and some outdoor walks with views of 6 volcanoes if the weather permits. Its free to view but a donation is expected, they usually ask for $20 and you get a free coffee at the onsite cafe but you can give what you think is ok. All in,all a very good place to visit and learn about Dian Fossey and Gorillas.

The Ellen DeGeneres campus Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund -1.43048, 29.56416

2'000'000 Rial (6.7€) for 19.9 GB. No Passport needed. Speaks english.

MTN SIM card 29.61858, 52.54243

05/05/22. Vinimos al camping está abierto. Pero no hay nadie. Se puede pasar la noche, tiene luz, los baños están cerrados porque no es temporada. Pero es gratis así que esta bueno tiene muchas mesas es un pueblo lindo.

Camping Río de los Sauces -32.53103, -64.58341

excellent place. basic but clean. I got a whole room with 3 beds and a couch for 2,5 million rial. safe parking. normally WiFi but not working today. no breakfast.

Teachers house 31.25748, 49.60029

La route jusqu’au lookout est dangereuse, beaucoup de pickup locaux roulent rapidement malgré que la route soit étroite, sans clôture et avec de très profonds ravins. Le route eapres le lookout est fermée. Il est indiqué dans le BLM que ce n’est pas ouvert au camping de toute façon. Le camping payant est vraiment très bien et assez dispersé. 26$ ou 13$ si vous avez la passe des
parc nationaux.

Legal Junction Creek road 37.36745, -107.89410

It is a very small campsite/parking lot the concrete stands in some pictures seem to have been removed to allow more parking so expect to be within 1,5m of your neighbor.

Also pricey at R$60 per person.

Facilities are good and it is right on the beach and promenade.

Camping Brilho do Sol -27.05113, -48.58825

We enjoy our stay. Nice an clean Campsite. Very nice and clean ablution with hot water. Price was now 190 pppn. Very friendly staff.

Rupara. community campsite -18.31907, 23.66333

23 CAD per night, only cash. Nice crew. Now in May '22 first comes rule. Only upper level is open. Momentarily plenty of space / 23 CAD pro Nacht, nur Barzahlung. Nettes Personal. Jetzt im Mai '22 kommt die wer-zuerst-kommt-Regel zum tragen. Nur die obere Ebene ist geöffnet. Momentan viel Platz.

Little Qualicum Falls Campground 49.31214, -124.55094

stayed the weekend. small lake, medium size gravel parking/camping area. free 14 day stay. pit toilet with paper. windy today but really quiet. nice little 60 acre place with walking trail. no amenities. 1 bar on cell phone.

Ella Ewing Conservation area 40.34241, -92.00803

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