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Little snowmobile hut with self made toilet in a pull off from the trail. right by the lake with access. neighbours on the other side of the lake and some ATV traffic.

K&P hut 45.14424, -76.68752

we didn't stay at the campsite but entered the 2 hot pools. Paid 7,75$ p.pAs it was weekend, many families. Great opportunity to meet real Americans, we had a great time

Green Canyon Hot Springs 43.80443, -111.43699

we didn't reach the place as 1 mile before we got stuck in the snow and icy road. Now waiting if someone can help us and tow us out. By the time writing this its 6pm and it started snowing. so do check the weather and don't be as stupid as this 2 Dutchies and drive into a frozen road at the end of the day. got towed out for 100$. means boondocking for a long time

West Fork Denny Creek Dispersed 44.68976, -111.26066

aftet being towed away from Denny creek dispersed seems a good alternative. hope it stays quiet

Whiskey Springs Rd Pullout 44.65776, -111.11384

-Tried to spend night here. Appears a fire has closed the area. No camping here as of May7, 2022.

BLM sites on Eagle River 39.65517, -106.97395

Offers fuel, propane, water, air, and Sani dump

Love’s gas station 37.72561, -113.05062

Chegamos com intenção de acampar mas decidimos por uma cabaña. Fomos muito bem recebidos.
Bem próximo há um mercadinho e um restaurante.
Pagamos 5.000 pesos para uma cabaña para casal.
Ha um salão próximo à entrada do camping, um espaço comunitário protegido, em especial para quem acampa.

El Mangrullo -32.85599, -68.89410

We play tennis so this was a must stop spot. Beautiful park too, for picnics. There were some "drag races" on the streets nearby, but by 12 o'clock, everything was quiet again. Simple gravel parking, beside big park. No signs about overnight.

Painswick Park 44.35827, -79.64094

Loud music from cars randomly parked overnight. We were woken up to Maya-hee at 4am. Driver kept the party going with a slipknot/spice girls remix, and some other 90s throwback techno. Other than that pretty decent and no one bothered us

Walmart 43.40771, -86.30985

Bel endroit un peu sureleve de la piste avec assez peu de passage. Vu survles flamands roses j. Suis reste 3 jours sans que personne ne me dise rien. Aucune commodité.

Flamants roses 21.59141, -87.91181

Camping Las varas is a great spot to stay, it might look a bit rough first but it offers everything you need and all that just a few kilometers outside of Santiago for a decent price. It's 15.000CLP per night (two persons +car) but if you stay longer you might be able to negotiate.
There's electricity and water (i guess not potable so bring enough drinking water) on sight, the showers are great (just stick to the instructions mentioned earlier: don't adjust the temperature inside the shower, leave it as hot as possible and use the gas heater outside to set the temperature), toilets are clean and there are facilities to do your dishes.
The only down side in our mind is that there is usually nobody on sight so you need to coordinate your visit a few days before by contacting Gerd (Spanish, English or German) and he will set everything up with Mathias (the actual owner).
Gerd, his lovely wife (btw they also rent campers) and Matthias are all very nice and make you feel welcome immediately.

They informed us that there had been some problems with neighbors playing loud music but they said they sorted it out and we had very calm nights up there.

And in a few years when the trees they planted have grown this place will even get better.

There are also some walking/hiking and biking possibilities or you can take a taxi to town enjoying Santiago (knowing your camper is parked safely).

RV Parking & Campground Parque Las Varas -33.37643, -70.46872

great place, we actualy stayed in different places along the beach in this town. in the end we stayed longest just one street east from this place since there is a house and a building site. the building site didn't produce much noise while we were here. not much people around. no facilities, the center has some restaurants that serve breakfast and dinner, also good for a toilet break. we had a hard time finding a place to leave our garbage.

At the end of Calle 12 at the beach 21.34402, -89.25975

Visited w the co from Frithdogs birthday on the way back towards Whistler

Nairn Falls Provincial Park 50.29519, -122.81673

A small parking lot just off the road - we arrived at sunset just as the last mountain bikers were leaving and we were the only ones in the lot overnight. There’s no “no overnight” or “no camping” signs here - a good place to stay for a night if you’re going to Arches or Canyonlands for the day. 1-2 bars of cell signal (T-Mobile and Verizon were similar)

Navajo Rocks Mountain Bike Parking 38.64066, -109.74898

Park and walk along the lake. Some information on site. Not scenic, but looks like a long path.

Nena Trailhead 26.95025, -80.60983

Public park with paid airboat tours, small animal show, and a store and small restaurant on site. Boat rentals offered. A place for fishing, boat docking, parking, and free water refill at the water fountain. High end place in the swamp.

Everglades Holiday Park 26.06072, -80.44421

For us this was a place why we use iOverlander. A perfect quiet place in the forest. Only in the morning there were some bikers passing by. On our way we saw a Onchilla. At the place we saw Southern Black-eared Oppossums eating from the avocado trees. Highly recommended if you want to have a nice place to stay instead of a Posto.
Enjoy @robjansenphotography

Túnel de Murineli 160m -22.12548, -42.61795

There's also water available from a hose spigot by water fountain. I had a big tank and ran a long hose out to parking lot. Very annoying though the faucet handle requires to hold it turn on though. But it does work

Ice Age Rest stop 43.97695, -89.49984

opening hours are monday- saturday 5am - 1pm

Giant Fruits + Veggies Market -24.82414, -65.42676
Katherine Stevenson

Quiet gravel parking lot at trail head, ideal for an overnight stay.

Parking lot for the Skyline Trail 36.45300, -118.86980

Very good site. All facilities are in a perfect condition. 100 DH / night / car / 2 persons without electricity is very OK even it is more expensive than other sites in maroc. But at this level we paid 26 € euro in tarifa/spain. All good!

Auberge de l’Atlas 31.55309, -5.58498

House empty, all parking slots are blocked with big stones. No information if they will open again. No one to ask. Very sad because its a perfect place for a break in the high atlas.

Auberge Tislite 32.19630, -5.64220

Lugar tranquilo para picnic/pescaria/pernoite de MotorHome. Ponto com chuveiro, parque para crianças e lixeiras próximas. Vista muito linda! NOTA 10 PARA O LUGAR.

Parada Gaia da Mata -30.21119, -51.18902

Pra ça muito bonita .. Mes de maio, ninguem na praça, 3 da manha , sentado em um banquinho tomando um vinho…. Tem um segurança rodando…. Vou dormir aqui tranquilo….

Praça das flores - Labirinto -29.37576, -51.11152

Be here for a night
Few people passed thru the night
My dog bark a little bit after them
Ok for one night.

Lowry Park 39.72038, -104.88470

very quiet and spacious. there is a small path to a secluded tent spot with fire ring near the boat launch.

Ottawa River - Boat Launch - Acre Road 45.65393, -76.72137

Perfect spot for a night! Bunch of spots and quiet except for the road but it’s not noticeable.

Itch-Kep-Pe Park 45.62279, -109.24038

Very quiet and secluded. Took me a little while to find it. Best to load up the satellite view before turning off the main road. Spotty AT&T up here.

Logging road campsites 45.81778, -123.50778

Nice and quiet place to park by a cove. Only saw 1 person walking the beach. Pretty views and grassy area with a stone firepit.

Broad Cove 44.18207, -64.47979

spoke to city public works employee, he said the water taps be the dumps are the same water they drink inside the building

close to Walmart 41.13863, -112.05922

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