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Community center has showers with pool usage for $3.

Showers 35.73485, -83.44707

things have changed, besides the price and room for bikes etc. wasnt clean at all, dead flies everywhere, shower warm but filthy, couldn't use kitchen, when i saw how dirty it was, i was kinda happy about that. used my camping cooker outside. also the lady seemed annoyed all the time.

Residencial -19.01346, -68.37064

Very clean dump station with potable water. Easy to find.

Stephenville Airport 48.54680, -58.56083

I called them and the facilities are fully operational again.

Open from Monday to Saturday, closed on holidays.

Drop in hot showers.

Monday - Friday open from 6 to 8
Saturday open from 8 to 5

Community Center Pemberton 50.31829, -122.80034

Gates still closed for the season, but did spot some forest service personnel driving around, so presumably they will be opening soon. Was here last August, great place for dispersed camping when its open.

FS-712B off Telephone Rd 41.26133, -105.40541

Magasin fermé jusqu’au 26 mai. Wifi extrêmement lent. Ok pour whatsapp, mais sans plus

Colter Bay General Store 43.90471, -110.64121

filled up a US tank .5kg for 25sol. 5sol x-kg

hogas -15.54118, -70.11167
Amar e viajar sm

Pernoitamos por aqui ao lado do Burger king ou seja entre o posto e o Burger King, noite tranquila e segura, por ser posto tem iluminação, banheiro na conveniência e ao lado do posto tem água, estávamos de passagem então acabamos não precisando de nada, somente o banheiro do posto pra limpar porta pote.
Espero que minha experiência seja como dicas que deixo aqui ajudar o
amigo viajante, não esqueça de deixar seu comentário aqui também, foi em um ponto novo chore um ponto no aplicativo, escrava em seu mesmo idioma. Vida de motorhome, um ajudando o outro.

Somos do projeto 💕 Amar e viajar sm 💕 siga a gente nas redes Inst-fac

Posto Shell -22.77322, -42.93318

Many machines, all high quality. All working. Very clean.

Supermat Laundromat 35.21572, -111.59694

place is locked by a fence now and there is some kind of amusement park for kids inside.

Tocopilla above the water -22.08601, -70.19699

Amazing nice place free. Electricity and water are there to use for free.

Club Deportivo calle Sarmiento -31.40741, -61.08177

Roxanna and his son are so nice !
They try to help us for find a place to fill propane, then they were so nice with our kids !
She offer us a delicious breakfast because we have no gaz in our van …
We ve payed 20 dollars for the night .
We saw a lot of birds: Tucan:)

Piscinas y rancho las tilapias 10.72553, -85.06917

Parking lot for boating and fishing. Need a state Park pass which costs $30. yr. This is nice spot overlooking the lake. With the pass you can stay 10 days.

Blythe Public Access 46.97007, -119.33396

There is a RV parking and a no overnight sign. Confusing a bit. But the lady inside told us it was ok to sleep overnight.

Cabela's 38.79652, -77.59974

I was excited about staying at one of the Boysen SP campgrounds, but then I realized it would be $40 for a basic site as an out-of-stater.

You have to pay a campsite fee ($18) PLUS the day-use fee ($12) PLUS an $8 reservation fee (online reservations are required May-Sept), plus a lodging tax, according to their state park website (see screenshot in pics).

Absolutely ridiculous.

Boysen State Park 43.43265, -108.17905

Lots of others parked here for the night. Bathrooms were trashed after the weekend

Vista Point San Francisco 37.83289, -122.47960

We spent the night here and realized it was very close to the Lachine Canal trail that extends to Old Montreal. We left the van at Walmart for the day and had a fantastic bike ride. Highly recommend.

Walmart LaSalle 45.45129, -73.61186

plaza central del pueblo. servicio de agua caliente y carga de baterías por puerto usb. muy tranquilo. árboles con sombra para estacionar. dormimos ahí sin ningún problema.

plaza San martin -27.99786, -57.58823

This is a free location! Very clean but a bit difficult to find. Drive until you see the dump station sign and then take a left!

Pullman Maintenance Department 46.73324, -117.18592

huge spot on 8n31. above peddler hill scenic overlook of bear river reservoir. view of mountains and lake. trails to see Sierra Nevada range. above hwy 88 but noise negligible and quiet night

Peddler Hill 38.56519, -120.26787

Tap with potable water on the outside of the building (next to exit door). Also has the cheapest gas around, and a nice little grocery store for your basics.

Canal Flats Family Pantry 50.15617, -115.80909

Alongside the river $65 ex tax. Camping spot $25 ex, you are parked along the dirt road to the hot springs (hot springs closed on Mondays) no electricity. Shower blok, new build for gnomes? Even on Mondays, 50 cars passed each our, in the late afternoon.
Save the money.

Yellowstone Destinations RV & Campground 45.11278, -110.79287

Up a road that appears to be used for a bunch of off-roading. No one else nearby. Good breeze in this absurd heat. Lots of pull offs though I did just take the first one. 3 bars Verizon and a cell tower within view. Amazing view of the plateaus. Not sure I’d come on a weekend when perhaps kids come through. BUT…. No garbage around….. I’d come back for the quiet and the breeze

Top of the hill 39.62527, -110.81110

Great spot to get some wifi! The staff is super friendly and they have some outdoor seating. I had to go inside to get a signal and wasn’t able to pick up the wifi from the street parking.

Library Wifi 38.57372, -109.54572

Wifi can not be reached from parking lot. I parked right in front of the building and struggled to get a signal. Maybe you’ll have better luck.

Fast WiFi - Visitor Information Center 38.57301, -109.55009

I rumbled along Bonaparte Road via 70 Mile House. It shook my truck camper quite a bit, as it is an unpaved road with many potholes. If you don't trust your vehicle to do that, you should drive over the 24. At 6 p.m., in the middle of May, the place was already busy. Really beautiful here.

Crystal Lake Recreation Campground 51.45776, -120.75819

Free public wifi - faster speed near the Park Center Building/ parking lot. spotty and slow as you go deeper in the park.

Murray City Park 40.65965, -111.88403

Very nice spot.
Not much traffic.
No mosquito yet.

Twin One Creek Rec Site 50.24890, -122.49185

At km15 from the sourh, the road has been stripped by a slide.
Road is not passable anymore.

Sts'ailes forest service road closed 49.59467, 121.93407

Amazing stay! 30Q per person. 25 for delicous breakfast. Would definitely recommend to anyone!

Camping in front of Hostal Antigueno 15.28976, -91.08839

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