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arrived at 11pm. very quiet. we were alone with deers.
it's written open from dawn to dusk...

Perrineville trail 40.22144, -74.44539

Great spot, quiet and many other trailers came after. Safe and well lit

Walmart Supercentre Thunder Bay 48.41383, -89.23921

Lots of slots for cars behind the big truck parking area. sign says camping, ita a paved pk lot with small grassy area and some picnic tables. good cell service. some road noise but not bad. clean warm rest rooms.

I 75 rest area EB 41.34112, -83.62336

We may not have technically been in BLM, but we were alone and unbothered! Definitely a spot for people to come shoot their guns, but on the weekday it was quiet. The road out is paved but bumpy, and there are many offshoot roads to find a spot! About 15 minutes from the highway and 45 from Salt Lake City!

Stansbury Island BLM 40.79083, -112.52528

Wonderful views. Road looks newly graveled. It was easy to get here. No one else around. Lots of fire pits and flat area to camp.

Tabernacle Hill Lava Tubes 38.91299, -112.53100

Lovely campground. Showed up on a Wednesday with no reservation and easily 20 or more spots still available. Even though it was rainy AF, we still appreciated the falls and campground amenities. They have garbage, recycling, potable water, dump, hot showers, playground, picnic area, pet friendly, and hiking trails. 2-3 bars of 5G on ATT. We paid $19 at the kiosk and no one came around to see if we were from out-of-state or not. Day-use to the rest of the state park is included in your camping fee (it’s typically $5).

Silver Falls State park 44.86619, -122.65185

My husband and I came up to this spot around 9:50pm and we were able to find the spot. We don’t know the area well and it was really hard to scope our surroundings. What we did find were bones near the rock fire pit which freaked us out pretty large bones might be of an animal but we did not stay the night for that reason.

Mitchell bluff overlook 44.59015, -120.19852

Was informed that cops came in and cleared everyone out one night ago. Ended up moving closer to the nearby bridge parking, which has a dividing fence to the Zilker open parking lot. Was not bothered staying here.

Extended Zilker Lot 30.27205, -97.77260
Mélanie Lapointe

We visited in early May. The road was not all opened yet, there was still snow. Beware if you go too far, there are no way to turn around, we had to drive backward a few hundred meters. Other than that, we slept at the start of the road, it was very quiet and we were not bothered. There are a lot of stars to see at night!

Old 132 road 48.16408, -67.13335

there were two of us with 2 cars parked here for a while in the day & at night. no issues what so ever & still no signage anywhere indicating no overnight parking. second time i’ve stopped here & had success.

Davenport town park 47.65329, -118.14842

Went in and asked to use the spigot, the guy at the counter said go ahead. It’s not actually connected to the building, it’s spray painted yellow (like a previous person said), and it’s right next to the stone trash enclosure on the side of the building. No hose so make sure you have your own.

Arco fuel station 35.26433, -116.07497
Steven McIntire Allen

WARNING!!! Don’t attempt further than first 100m in 2 wheel drive! There are two entrances. Use either and where the paths connect make a U turn. Sandy road has been overused! To go further in than the first 100m might require a high clearance 4WD.

Near Wildcat Lake 29.17086, -81.62451

About 10 other car campers and RVs here in the back of the lot along the highway. Security patrols, but i parked with everyone else and had no problem. Stayed one night

Walmart Gallup New Mexico 35.52667, -108.77016

É um estacionamento de veículos, próximo ao aeroporto, possui translado para o aeroporto.
Possui água potável, ponto de energia e possivelmente local de descarte, qual não perguntei. Alguns motorhomes ficam aqui mensalmente. Não é camping, mas um estacionamento barato. Nós precisamos pois estava nublado e necessitamos um ponto de energia para recarregar as baterias, já que as placas solares não carregavam. R$ 30,00 por dia.

It is a car park, close to the airport, has an airport shuttle.
It has potable water, a power point and possibly a disposal site, which I didn't ask. Some motorhomes stay here monthly. It's not camping, but cheap parking. We needed it because it was cloudy and we needed a power point to recharge the batteries, since the solar panels didn't charge. BRL 30.00 per day.

Portal Estacionamento -27.68282, -48.51414

had to spend the night on the small track leading to the spot as snow still blocked the 2WD access. but still quiet with no-one bothering. seems to be the only spot between the two parts of the NP

Route 431 49.38931, -57.71064

Good spot for one night getting off the coupeville ferry headed north. Right on the ocean with a walking trail along the water. Good amount of traffic and popular spot for walkers in the morning. But over nice spot for the night. 2 bars Verizon

Gravel lot oceanview 48.30781, -122.71641

I stumbled on this area while headed to the Blue Valley Dispersed camping area. This spot is much more secluded. High clearance vehicles needed to get to the best spots (4x4 recommend if it's recently rained). No cell service on Verizon or T-Mobile. No vehicle noise or light pollution. Just the babbling creek and singing wildlife. NFS land.

There are good camping areas at the end of each dirt road.

One area is nice and open if you have solar panels you want to keep in the sun. First right after the road turns to gravel, then left at the Y (to the right is a narrow dirt road that turns into a walking trail after a small bridge. Very tight turn around here but doable in a 19' van).

Wilson Dam Wilderness Camping 35.01238, -83.22166

It's not a campsite. They actually only rent cabanas. We asked if we could stay overnight in our van. It was possible we could use the bathroom of a cabana. We paid 50'000 COP for two persons one night. The father who lives on the property is lovely. The view is stunning. We can recommend it, be sure to inquire beforehand (+57 318 3817116).

Gua Glamping 4.99494, -74.05212

Cheap and very well located.
Garage fits 1-2 big pannier motorcycle or 2-3 other motorcycles.
Payed 10$ with breakfast

Yazd Friendly Hotel 31.90236, 54.37037

cool spot. campers are here. gravel surface. train might roll thru. whatever. no foot traffic around while you rest your eyes for the night. I dig it! no problems.

Exhibition Park Baseball Fields Parking Lot 50.67602, -120.31550

Great spot, signs forbidding camping but a couple of cars were here as well, and no problem.

Place by the ocean 45.03639, 13.69157

You NEED to stay here! It's a little paradise! Price was 125 NAD/pp, but seems to depend on date and duration of stay. Firewood is included. Electricity was working fine for us. The owners are really friendly.

Ndurukoro Camp & Chalets -17.94676, 21.10891

Beautiful campsite. The owner and his brother are very kind and funny lads. We were 3 nights at this magnificent place and paid 125 NAD pppn (cash - no card).

The sunrise over the river was just wonderful and the view from the campsites could not be better.

Ndurukoro Camp & Chalets -17.94676, 21.10891
Audrey & Felix

good place for one night
bathrooms were cleaned and heated

Pine Grove rest area 49.65837, -96.05688

Parking lot in the White Mountain National Forest. We parked here for one night. The River is noisy outside of our van. Fairly close to the road but quiet - you may hear larger trucks. There was no one else in the lot - it’s not in season yet.

Parking Lot - Ammonoosuc River 44.26978, -71.52213

Dry camping is 40$ now. What a pity, it is just a gravel area

Iditarod RV Park City Park 60.40758, -149.36128

Dry camping is 40$ now. What a pity, it is just a gravel area

Seward Resurrection North campground 60.40771, -149.36148

Great Place! Quiet off the main highway, clean restroom. US cellular signal was 2 bars but worked fine. Highly recommend!

Pelican Fish Access 45.75848, -109.77105

Lake is still very high, no camping below the campground. Busy boat launch. Not suitable for big rigs.

Ashley Creek 35.10677, -93.70850

looks like great park, if you do rv parks lol. We used for dumping. They send you to a vacant site to use the sewer there. $10. Can also get water for additional $10

Cannon Beach RV resort 45.88905, -123.95527

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