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January 1st, 2022 Mic’n’Di

This was our 3rd time to Tecalote, the first being March 2020. We loved it and we were excited to return. The beach, the ocean, the beauty, the vibe. I had wondered why it hasn’t been more commercially developed or privatized. I think this trip we found out. Having parked on the packed rockway/road, we had no idea that the strong winds would bring a storm surge at high tide overnight that would leave us and the other campers up and down the beach scrambling to push and pull stuck vehicles out of the tidal floods - out of streams and ponds that had formed overnight, near the water and farther in the shrubs. Some folks were high and dry but stranded on the far side of a river that had formed.
So … if you camp here - make sure you are on high and solid ground if there’s a strong wing blowing!

Playa Tecolote 24.33741, -110.31026
January 1st, 2022 lesnamibiens

About 2km further away from the restaurant and campsite, you will find a big and flat opening on your right. It is not hidden from the road, but who cares? Camping is permitted here and road entry from the main road to Calakmul is monitored ( between the community boom and the park boom) so security should not be an issue. Access is very easy and plenty space.
The road is tarred all the way to Calakmul. Some trees are low from km 20 to km 60 but smaller rigs will have no worries at all. At worst if you are taller, take your machette !

Road pit to Calakmul 18.46296, -89.89104
January 1st, 2022

What a find! Shady, beautiful park where we spent three nights. There are electric hookups for rigs that need them. Water is available from a spigot beside the police station (not potable, as with all water from the tap in Mexico). Speaking of police, they are very friendly and regularly patrol the area. Having said that, we felt extremely safe and welcomed. It was a peaceful spot where we met many curious locals. Playground nearby, as well as planetarium, orchid greenhouse, and even a skating rink this time of year. There’s even a cafe where you can grab a morning coffee and other things.

Public parking lot Free 19.68370, -101.18171
January 1st, 2022 paperbait

Spotlessly clean. Great bed with crisp, white sheets. Multiple sizes of cabins available. 50,000 pesos for a cabin with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, full kitchen, and living area with tv and woodstove. They also had a two story cabin with 3 bedrooms for 70,000 pesos.

Cabañas Patagón Explorador -46.62373, -72.67503
January 1st, 2022 michaelschilders5

Nice stay, clean shower en toilet. Nice gras. We couldn’t use the swimmingpool, but for us it was oké

Huerto los olivos -27.32061, -70.52639
January 1st, 2022

Came here at 9am something as Google says they should be open from 9. But there was barely noone, some waitress was bringing some food, but they said that working only from 12... Also no menu, not sure, what is it supposed to be.. I would try, but probably not worth waiting extra 2 hours...

Mrizi i Zanave 41.89886, 19.67253
January 1st, 2022 Instagram: @savannatales

Flooded (in December) and also used as departure point of kayak tours.

Oranje River -28.25772, 17.35969
January 1st, 2022 Instagram: @savannatales

Officially forbidden to camp, there is an old sign reminding it at the entrance of the 4x4 trail at Oranje river. Also, soil was wet when we drove by (december) so be careful of flash flood in such canyonlike riverbed.

Gamchab River Canyon -28.26860, 17.38592
January 1st, 2022 Geckoverlanding

Crossend the boarder on 1.1.2022.
On the Guinean side leaving they claimed thar my visa is not a biometric one. And I have to pay for the exit stamp. I didn't pay anything and could leave anyhow with my Pass stampet out.

SL side was quite nice. Road tax is now 500'000 Leone. Apparently they rised up the prices i 2020.

Pamelap border post 9.17360, -12.95932
January 1st, 2022 busbusbus

This is a primitive campsite run by the state forest which you can reserve ahead of time and is fairly cheap (considering that you can't wild camp in most of the state and national forests during hunting season). $9.17/night with $6.70 reservation fee (14 day limit). Site has a picnic table, fire ring, lots of shade, and is right on the Crooked River but no other amenities. No other campers nearby but not as much privacy as we hoped for. There was a lot of boat traffic on the river and people drove into our site either just out for the day or looking for a place to camp. After we put up a sign back on the road, we didn't have any more visitors. It's about 5.5 mi down sand/gravel roads by the shortest route (southern by Warren Bluff Rd) but that had lots of large muddy sections which would be challenging in low clearance rigs. From the north, you could take County Rd 67 to Gully Branch Rd, but that way was quite long.

A slightly longer but faster route for us with no mud/water: from Carrabelle go south on US-98 over the bridge, 1st right after bridge on FL-379, 4.7 mi (during which road becomes sand) to right on Number 3 Rd at Tate's Hell SF - Picketts Bay Tract sign, cross bridge and go 1.8 mi to second right (unnamed road), 1.5 mi to the second right where you'll see a red camp sign, 1 mi to left on Warren Bluff Rd, 0.2 mi to right on campsite entrance road marked by a post with #47 (don't follow Google and take the first right which goes past #48 Warren Bluff site as the road is washed out about 100ft after that campsite), follow the new road about 1.2 mi to the campsite.

Tate's Hell SF - #47 Oxbow (Pickett's Bay) 29.87051, -84.68292
January 1st, 2022 Everlanders

Stayed in the parking lot with power and water near the building. Went for supper at the restaurant... Food was okay, Beer was flat and unimpressive.

D&D Brewery 14.94586, -88.03796
January 1st, 2022 Trekkin

There is a sewer dump access at back of station. Look for “Registro Sanitario.” Don’t expect station workers to even realize it’s there. We dumped, no problem.

Asturiano/G500 Gas Station 20.64972, -99.90452
January 1st, 2022 IGbeachinsoul

Perfect little spot on a little peninsula right where a large creek and Elk River join. Go over the bridge and look for the path on the left. Perfect spot for a van or car. Peaceful and beautiful area. Rushing water all around you, moss everywhere and little to no traffic.

Forks and bridge... 42.71654, -124.46278
January 1st, 2022 webinfo123

This has station does not accept cards. It is a little bit cheaper then the Puma gas-station a few hundred meters away.

Meru gasstation -16.03449, 28.83518
January 1st, 2022 webinfo123

They do accept cards. We could pay by card after we filled up. They overcharged us 20 kwatcha, but returned that amount in cash.

There was diesel. They ran out of petrol.

Puma gas station -16.50438, 28.74767
January 1st, 2022 webinfo123

Very scenic campsite with lots of things to do. Walking, canoeing, swimming in crocodile free cage, fishing, etc. The owners and staff are very nice, caring and helpful.

We paid US$10 per night for an spot.
You can buy fire wood and on request you can also get dinner delivered at your tent.

Lotri Bay -16.50454, 28.53490
January 1st, 2022 magicmiles

It’s a parking lot. It’s close to the i10, you will hear road noise but honestly … it’s a free place to park! Lots of 5th wheelers here, and a few vanlifers. Bandwidth is EXCELLENT here (Verizon 4bars and 30mb/20mb). No amenities. But it’s effing quiet aside from the road noise. Stayed here about a week or so. Put out my solar panels and no one said a thing.

fantasy springs casino truck and rv lot 33.72484, -116.19627
January 1st, 2022 SHADAE

informal Campground with place for 2 trailers.
Electric, water, dump and trash.
no toilets or showers
$20 US per night
friendly Canadian couple who have two places for campers on their property.
call Wendell at 624-243-2792

Ross Camping 23.33666, -110.17409
January 1st, 2022 SHADAE

no checkpoint or military to be seen.
Nothing present, just the road

Military Checkpoint 23.17982, -109.70216
January 1st, 2022 kodoz

This is a pretty incredible place, but it'll be the next Bahia Concepcion unless it's cared for. What you need to know:
-- Now it's peaceful and dark at night. This isn't the place for cell service (there is none), sparkly lights on your 5th wheel (you have stars), thumping Eurotrash beats (thank you sailors), your generator, or your drone (hike up one of the hillsides instead).
-- There is/are a couple "caretakers" on the older guy who lives in the house (Jose? and his dog, Lola) and another younger guy who didn't introduce himself. Jose has a long history there--apparently used to keep the road passable--and isn't doing well healthwise. Super nice, gracious dude, and he'll tell you to "Pick a place you like and enjoy." We brought some coffee and Masa flour for him, and sent veggies with another overlander that were headed there from La Paz. The other guy was very friendly, couldn't tell if he wanted a donation or was just chatty. We offered to share lunch with him but he went about picking up a little on the beach.
-- Clean up after yourself. This especially includes toilet paper. Please don't come here if you can't put your used TP in a baggie and pack it out. Yeah, you can't see it after you bury it, but then the wind or surf uncovers it, sends it aloft, and then little toilet paper flags hang on the bushes and trees all around. We filled our trash bag with not just the typical beach trash that washes up, but with camper trash. Comon.
-- Clean up your campfires. The second caretaker asked us to put our ashes in a can that he came and collected later. We cooked on a campfire one day, kept the fire small and in a pit.
-- The road in has been repaired. I hesitate to say this, but you read this far, so maybe you will at least come with the respect this place deserves. You turn in on a sandy path, climb a little bit, then there is a steep scree downhill. This is the only part that is at all treacherous, but the locals drive it, it's wide, nobody we saw had any problems. No high clearance needed, we used 4LO on this stretch but I don't think it was absolutely needed. I wouldn't try a trailer or a large RV on any of the road to Agua Verde, much less this section. We didn't see anything larger than a 3500 truck here or on the other beach.
-- While the road is fine for cars, you should be careful walking under the road between here and the town at low tide. Rockfalls are common.
-- Leash up your dog if it can't be well behaved. We ran into the same problem dogs at Bahia Concepcion and all over, snapping at people or going after their dogs, followed by the excuses..."He's really friendly but just blah blah blah." If your dog is scaring others he has no business roaming free.
-- There is a woman and her daughter walking the town beach. There are rumors about scams, a man in the shadows, and thefts. What we do know is that she's friendly if you give her something, and that she has a story about either the need for medical donations to the town, or for herself. Most everybody in our group had a little different experience, and some of the long-term gringo residents warned us about "them".
-- Fishermen on the beach will sell their catch, the restaurant is good (they made a dinner of home cooked mole, which is no simple task, and fish tacos for our group on New Years), wifi is slow.
-- Snorkeling and tide pooling are pretty daughter was in the water a bunch and saw turtles, an eagle ray, dorado, and more. Walk the beaches at night to see the color-changing Mexican pipefish lurking in the surf. Go easy on the fishing.

Puerta Agua Verde 25.52462, -111.07349
January 1st, 2022 Larry Halven

Nice place, $6. per person park entry and $12 a night for a camp spot. A camp host comes and checks the spots a sunrise to make sure you paid. WiFi was not working.

The showers were a bit run down and old but warm, flush toilets

Davis Mountain State Park 30.59560, -103.93049
January 1st, 2022 dr.hcarneiro

local excelente e agradável, conta com banheiro completo e impecavelmente limpo. 25 por pessoa a diária.

Vila Gruntal Hospedaria -27.00265, -51.41029
January 1st, 2022

We have spent the 31st with this wonderful couple of Australian travelers sleeping in their garden!
Thanks Sarah & Grant for the hospitality!
We enjoyed a lot

Overland Haven 41.73557, 45.30808
January 1st, 2022 rovan

All overnight parking /camping along hwy 1 through Big Sur is illegal. When law enforcement is busy elsewhere, it's possible to escape the ticket. But, there are eleven state park officers and two sheriff patrols, some people will get tickets.

Pullout with HIDDEN SHOWER! Big Sur 36.20828, -121.73533
January 1st, 2022 elsner.engen

at 04:00 p.m we asked friendly if we can stay overnight. the park warden called the patron an allowed us to stay. paid the 8000 for day parking and got a receipt for next day. beautiful to stay allone at this point.

Parque Nacional del Chicamocha parking lot 6.78973, -73.00407
January 1st, 2022 palms.and.pinetrees

Wonderful place and very nice owner. The place includes a animal rescue center (5$ enter/donate and a coffee Plantage. We met the owner and he showed us the rescue center (with birds and a lot of animals) and the coffee plantage. He is a very nice guy and welcomes overlanders.

There are hot showers and bathrooms. At the paring site is no wifi but at the restaurant and garden. It costs still 15$ includes showers, bathrooms, pool and wifi.

We highl recommend this spot (before or after crossing boarder)

Hotel Alicante 13.84803, -89.82758
January 1st, 2022 tothemoonandbackpackers

Now 3500 for autos and and 4500 for buses and trucks (more than 4 wheels). Motos are 1000. We went on NY day and it was heaving, massive queue to get in but managed to get a spot. We got there around 7pm and left at 10am and he tried to charge us for 2 days but after much debate he gave up and let us go! We used the bathroom many times for free like everyone else then suddenly in the morning he tried to charge us 1500. Nice spot and beach is beautiful but just be firm, he looks sweet but is smart and will try to squeeze as much out of you as possible!!

Playa Tunquen -33.27423, -71.65191
January 1st, 2022 Struuners

Ok this place is AMAZING. A lot of love and care from the workers, and they did a lot to teach us and made us help them (Eduardo is great!).

We could camp for free if we did some help with cleaning, releasing baby turtles, cleaning nests. They have some toilets and cold water showers you can use.

We spent New years eve here with Eduardo and his family and was lots of fun. Other days we rode the quad to look for turtles and nest, collect baby turtles, clean and hang out. Between January and May there isn't a lot of turtle activity. So these months are not in need of many volunteers. but you could probably still camp here. We gave them a donation after the week we stayed.

Campamento Tortuguero 18.02412, -88.55326
January 1st, 2022 annendhai

One of the rare camping with facilities atbthe Riviera Maya. We stayed twice and enjoyed the nice atmosphere with expats from the US and Canada who lives here. Restaurant good with friendly staff, nice beach.

Paa Mul RV Park and Cabanas 20.52313, -87.19162
January 1st, 2022 gerdienvantongeren

We really liked the stay here. It was new years eve, it was the quietest night ever...
Swimming pool and bar area is very nice. Ablutions oke.
Very friendly staff and price oke

Elephant Sands Lodge & Camp -19.74897, 26.07107

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