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October 16th, 2021 OneRoomLiving

as described. big lot with only a few flat spots. very safe and pretty quiet.

there were a few other rigs when I spent one night.

Parking Lot 36.13215, -86.90525
October 16th, 2021

Perfect spot to sleep, the parking lot was empty when we arrived. Plenty of room, a bit of traffic noise but that did not affect our sleep. Public restroom right of 14.

Salmon Falls Park & Ride 45.58909, -122.17843
October 16th, 2021 Seth Wanders

Not closed. No signs prohibiting parking. Stayed for 2 nights with 7 other vehicles. A local tipped me off to this spot while I was in town. Locals use the park till around midnight, after everyone leaves it is super quiet.

This is an incredible spot right on the beach, I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Pack it in, pack it out, and pick up some trash to pay it forward! Help keep spots like this open =)

Salem Willows Park 42.53399, -70.87250
October 16th, 2021 2ADVriders

Luis is a super friendly man, we stayed here 2 nights, safe parking for the bikes and good location close to square. $25 per night for the 2 of us, private bath and fan, includes breakfast and lots of info about the town and country. Luis is knowledgeable and likes to share what he knows.
Highly recommend, very quiet.

Casa Vieja 13.99287, -89.55391
October 16th, 2021 Clarityoffgrid

Other than the trash this was a spectacular stay in mid October. We picked up a couple of bagfuls of trash so our immediate area was pristine. Locals come here to play on the beach. It seems they all leave after sunset. Quiet even on Saturday. There were a couple of parties last night a short distance away with music but we slept fine and they we’re gonna in the morning. We did clean up a pile of Bud Light cans on the beach in the morning but could have been much worse. Stayed at Condominios Pilar next door about ten years ago in March. It was great then and is still a wonderful beach and bay. Would definitely stay here again. Read the warnings of people entering RVs etc but we had no issues. Locals not as friendly as Baja but a sweet spot.

San Carlos wild Camp 27.96215, -110.99323
October 16th, 2021 onespaceman

Large pull off – room for many and any size rig. Corner of route 2 and Bear River Road (route 26). No services. Got good Verizon cell service. Looked like some kind of trail went off from the area but there were no signs saying “no camping” or “no overnight parking.”

Large open dirt lot at junction of route 2 & 26 44.48802, -70.78720
October 16th, 2021 jeffnjen

$25 dollars per night, hot showers $1 for 5 minutes. Fire ring and picnic table. Nice stop to get a hot shower. Sites comfortably spaced apart. Plenty of water spigots for potable water

Lafayette Campground 44.14192, -71.68637
October 16th, 2021 funadventure

We stayed here last night and there we’re already 2 campers parked. No one bothered us. I didn’t call this time because the office was already closed. There’s free Clean Sanidump and City water

Picadilly mall 50.69306, -119.29716
October 16th, 2021 Hart

Really nice campground with spacing between campsites. No WiFi except at office. AT&T signal weak. We did not use shower/bathrooms Located near the Cape Cod Rail Trail. $45 for small rv. Stayed 2 nights. Not closed.

Sweetwater family campground 41.73976, -70.08495
October 16th, 2021 firemom

It’s open now and very pretty with the Fall colors.

Meriwether Lewis 35.52241, -87.45506
October 16th, 2021 ParksAndTechreation

Extremely nice rest area that is close to interstate. Bathrooms, free wifi, water bottle filler, dining area, and some unique vending machines with locally sourced snacks and drinks. Fenced off-leash pet area. We did not see any signs about overnight parking and had no problems. Not as well lit as other rest areas but we felt safe.
Instagram: @parksandtec

Adirondack Welcome Center 43.27296, -73.67453
October 16th, 2021 natedog211

Free water next to the air pump. If you are facing the gas station it will be on your right before the diesel pumps

Flying J 36.18138, -119.33244
October 16th, 2021 afw1993

Super nice lake view. Get there early to claim a good spot. Clean vault toilets, no showers. $15 a night.

Andrus Lake Campground 46.70021, -85.03648
October 16th, 2021 eyalo365

as desribed. a bit dusty at times. Driving might be problematic if soil is wet. east access via east valley road ( go to end near merino cir.) we had no problem with 21 ft long tall van .

Go for it! Hidden gem! - BLM 38.90294, -119.69006
October 16th, 2021 sonny jadun

nice place. liked it very much. not much traffic.

Starview Lane, Laguna Niguel 33.50884, -117.72877
October 16th, 2021 gnadlersmith

Quad trail off of highway 28 just past the bridge on the left hand side coming out of Bancroft. Made a little campsite about 400yards off of the highway. Made it in no problem with my Tacoma. Wouldn’t recommend anything bigger

Quad trail 45.09088, -77.66263
October 16th, 2021 marleymanmorgan

Free dispersed camping on national forest land. Amazing spots with fire rings and tree cover. Good privacy and seclusion but still pretty good ATT service. I’ll be staying at this spot for 3 nights, I hope to see a moose or elk. The dirt road is a little bumpy so take it easy without an upgraded suspension. My rwd van made it fine with AT tires and taking it slow.

Roosevelt National Forest 40.00207, -105.44992
October 16th, 2021 vandalf

Cops knocked on the door at 1am. Not allowed to sleep in vehicles in the town of Gilford. Wouldn’t try it.

TJ Marx 43.56434, -71.44546
October 16th, 2021 emiel_saskia

More than 10 different SAUNA huts/houses, where also a international sauna conference is held.
We stayed on the camping, payed 300 Swedisch Krones, € 30,- for the car, rooftent and 2 adults.
The use of two saunas is included. One heated by woodfire, the other electric. Easy to heat them by yourself, wood is free available.
Next to a wild river where you can dip in. (Or go fishing)
Both sauna's were for us alone (because there were no other guests). Also hot showers, rest room and kitchen.
On the site is a restaurant etc., but i.e. nice restaurant River Side is a 9 km drive (Haparanda).

Sauna's, Kukkola~forsen 65.96143, 24.04156
October 16th, 2021 sobreviver.naestrada

uma ótima opção na estrada, com loja de conveniência e amplo estacionamento, onde se pode pernoitar

Posto Batista Filial -29.20600, -54.88591
October 16th, 2021 Traktorbek

Good opportunity to stay over night with a great view of the Cathédrale des Roches and the surrounding mountains. A maximum of two medium sized vehicles will fit on the flat surface. No shade, no water.
Easy access to the trail leading up to the peak (for the lazy hikers who just want to hike the last bit). The road leading there is a bumpy gravel road. On openstreetmap the road is mapped.

Cathedral des Roches : V.I.P. view 31.97218, -6.14142
October 16th, 2021 Traktorbek

To get to this place you have to drive around 4 km through a riverbed on a gravel road. I guess that during the snow melt season this location might not be accessible.
The valley is very nice. Mountaintops (one of them is the Jbel Azourki) all around you. There are some houses in the valley.

Wild camp in valley via riverbed 31.79094, -6.20855
October 16th, 2021 Treibholz

Open Space at the Canal. I love this MadMaxoresk Places and the Sounds of Ships pasing by. Ships park here, and mybe you could ask some, to give you a lift to Stettin (Szczecin, Poland).

Oder Havel Kanal 52.85330, 13.78148
October 16th, 2021 pampas.overland

This place is massive, several loops/areas, some with electrical and water, some with structures for shade. Showers seem to be open just in the comfort station near the main entrance. For us, the interesting part is the primitive camping areas, which are massive. Lots of people down to the edge of the water, just be mindful of sand, as it may get deep in some areas.

Cell reception and data pretty hit or miss, you need to camp on the higher areas for best speeds. We found an area with good internet in the dispersed area south of Rock Canyon, overlooking the water. Verizon/Visible 100ms ping, 45/10 down/up, excellent for remote work.

(we try to report on cell service for people trying to work off grid; IG: @pampas.overland)

Elephant Butte State Park 33.18241, -107.20906
October 16th, 2021 Afton Arlana

Lovely spot for a quick overnight. It gets quite dark, there are picnic tables, garbages and pit toilets.

Depew River 48.53619, -85.17170
October 16th, 2021 Claudia

Camping super bien ubicado frente al mar, tiene duchas limpias con agua caliente, nos cobraron 10000 por dos Personas.

Camping Paredes -42.40637, -73.51603
October 16th, 2021

Large National forest campground on a big lake. Very open sites, pit toilets. Tables and rings. Very pretty. No one here today on a cold, gray Oct. Day but I am sure it is full in the summer. Many sites have not one, but two, picnic tables. $14 a night, $7 with a pass. No electric but water is available. I did not see any trash dumpsters. Pack it in and out, please. Truck comes by to mark that your site is paid.

Lake Norway 46.41376, -88.68232
October 16th, 2021

Many campgrounds on this dirt road. National forest campground on a large lake. Sites are wooded and shady and spaced apart, most on lake! About 25 sites. Completely empty on an Oct. Saturday night. Small trash can by fee post. Very quiet and beautiful! 4 mile Trail from campground around Deermarsh. $14 a night, $7 with a pass. Truck comes along a few times a day to mark that you paid.

Lake St. Katherine 46.39351, -88.72104
October 16th, 2021

Forest cg on a really big lake! 16 sites, wooded and spaced apart but open in the fall season w/o leaves. Boat launch and hopefully perch in the lake! Many campgrounds on this road, all on water. We checked out them all. Very nice place. An interpretive trail is nearby.

Lake Perch Campground 46.36294, -88.67663
October 16th, 2021 eric_on_the_road

This is a beautiful little beach. There are 3 restaurants. I know the last one (Miguel) allows you to spend the night if you have some meal. Prices are around 250-300 and beer at 30.
Driving by this last restaurant, there’s an open space that could fit one small rig facing the ocean. Didn’t stay the night, so I can’t say they’ll let you wild camp for free.
They pump their sewer out, so I’m sure they are very concerned with the place…

Playa de Riscalillo 15.69788, -96.22537