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Great gravel lot behind the fuel station for overnight camping, a few trucks, nice tamped down gravel, relatively flat. Also showers at the gas station for $7 and hose spigot with potable city water that the attendant let me fill fresh water tank with.

Marathon fuel station overnight lot 38.22398, -86.58988

Coming from Albania we went from Kosovo to Serbia with EU ID card, was no problem at all and took us about 10 minutes. We passed the border on a Wednesday (~12 am).

Border 42.93666, 21.24288

Very nice spot with an amazing morning view. As said before, be careful going up. It was dark when we did and we got sucked into the deep rut a bit. Watch out for the cowrpies!

Fire Rock 43.42065, -103.47812

As described! I hope you enjoy your stay.

Viking RV 51.56809, -55.48018

Plenty of sites, no problem finding a field spot. Friendly staff. Free HOT showers (although the men's bathroom is in need of repair). laundry onsite (we didn't use though).

Signs posted saying no alcohol, no drugs, and no lewd behavior such as skinny dipping (lol). We enjoyed our beverages in a discreet mug.

Nice lake area, and good vibes from other campers. Field was windy our 2nd night, so if gusts are in the forecast maybe try for a tree site.

Field sites (tent only) were $28 the first night, $25 extra nights. Other sites (RV, beach sites, etc) were more expensive- like $40.

Good Verizon service. No ATT service

Chewing Black Bones Campground 48.83076, -113.42160

Small paved road near the Wesel-Datten-Kanal, there a few good spots around to spend the night. I stayed a few times here, it was always very quite.

Lonesome field’s near Marl 51.68561, 7.06209

As mentioned lots and lots of spots along the "wall". We got 2 bars TMobile 5G, others says they had 4 bars Verizon. Wasn't too windy until morning when we were here. Great spot.

Steer Pasture Overlook Dispersed Camping 43.91188, -102.23096

Hilton Hotel Group, has all the amenities one could need, very centrally located.

Doubletree by Hilton -33.93574, 18.45782

Great restaurant with a menu that caters for everyone, staff are friendly and go the extra length, breakfast is fantastic

Liberty’s Restaurant -33.93607, 18.45824

Menu looks really good but they were out of so many things! ;( Definitely go EARLY!
It’s a cute little trailer with a bunch of outdoor seating. Open until mid-September and then closes for the winter.

Bun on the Run 64.85714, -147.80626

This has been closed since beginning of COVID and is private property. The owners would appreciate that people do not drive in.

camping "Le camping" 47.82097, -65.73140

Truck stop with restaurant, liquor store, diesel/petrol, showers, laundromat and driver's lounge. Showers are $12.00, without a time limit and are very clean. Restaurant has large portions and decent quality for a roadside diner. Overnight parking is available for any size vehicle with permission, priority is given to long haul lorry drivers.

Irving 24 Truck Stop, Nevers Rd, Frederickton, NB 45.85170, -66.56117

Big rig friendly, several pull-throughs, 50/30/20, 30/20, FHU, propane fill, gasoline, showers, large camp store, bistro with food... draft beer... wine by the glass etc... UTV rentals onsite with onboard GPS guided tours.

The Sawmill Station RV Park 44.25077, -114.46702

One lane road which is very quiet. Parking next to the guard rail will limit your view and be exposed to the sun rise. Across the street you can park next to the words and block the sunrise and had a better view of the ocean

Otter Crest Loop 44.77053, -124.07224

Great shower for $2.15. Hot constant water.

Gym, Showers, Pool at Community Center 44.66296, -103.84423

Able to drive right up to the doors and get the laundry done. We had 3-4 weeks worth and cost $11.

Belle Laundromat 44.67094, -103.84946

Thank you Portage-La Prairie for the amenities!

Portage La Prairie Sanidump and portable water 49.96493, -98.29290

Very quiet spot. Half bar Verizon, but a little better at nearby trailhead.

Blodgett campground 46.26947, -114.24430
Patrice Tremblay

Propre et facile d'accès. gratuit. Eau pour rinçage.

Notre-Dame Auxiliatrice de Buckland 46.61804, -70.54451

this is streetside parking with no amenities. the only restriction is no commercial vehicles over 3 tons. there is no scheduled street cleaning or any other disturbance. as I write this there are five RVs parked in the area. They're also some side streets with additional RVs, campers, and vans parled. where is a falafel place, a pizza restaurant, and a we start corner grocery store about three blocks away. There our houses on the other side of a 10-ft retaining wall, so you have to be self-contained. no trash, etc.

Alvarado Business Park 37.59831, -122.08633

Great Stay. Recommended 100% very safe.....

Boomtown Casino 29.84818, -90.06019

Cheapest gas in Saskatchewan with a great little store that has groceries including fresh produce.

J&J's General Store 53.45201, -104.08260

Motel with cabins and I I think there's camping here too.
store, showers and fuel
Just a bit of cell service here and no cell signal for 2 hours south of this point

Deschambault Lake Resort 54.66615, -103.40419

One of the good YPF. Big flat space, free and WiFi and really calm at night. At the far end of the parking lot is another free WiFi.

YPF San Juan -31.48022, -68.51989

great place the potable water station is located 15m ahead of the dump station.

Riverbank Discovery Centre 49.86173, -99.95676

Not recommended for sleeping or overnight “resting.” The “car” spots are short, too short for a van. The trucker spots are only one lane away, and the freeway is just past the truckers. Quite noisy. But it does have a bathroom with flush toilets, trash bins, picnic tables, and good Verizon and Sprint cell service.

Rest stop east bound 40.67048, -99.15700

Parking garage here for the Flin Flon Co-Op... I'm marking it because these are handy if you need to repack your vehicle in bad weather. Fairly high clearance

Parking Garage 54.76448, -101.87452

Great place to stop for a hot shower and get some laundry done while you are there. Took a minute for water to get warm but the place was clean and it was very convenient to get laundry done while we showered.

$2 for 8 minutes (though it felt less than 8 mins) for showers
$1.50 for washing laundry
$1.50 for drying laundry

Shower at campground 36.99848, -111.49766

As described, slice of paradise!
We paid 5usd/p/n. Didn't haggle as it's Covid times.. We were the only ones camping, quite a few surfers during the day, but no one around after sunset.
The road into the site was pretty bumpy and narrow, but doable with a normal car. Bigger sizes will struggle or need to do some gardening on the road.

Beach Shack (Cielo y Mar) 13.16651, -88.19030

Place as described, it was great!
We stayed for about a month in June, then parked our car on their premises for two months, and stayed another week in September before leaving to Honduras.
Can't thank them enough for their nice company, their daughter baby sitting our kids so we could run arrons (or surf together), their support in working through all the aduana paperwork to extend our TIP, and many other things.

Paid 15usd with 2p and 2 kids incl full use of the hostal facilities, electricity, etc.
Mark is a scuba diving instructor with about a zillion padi certificates under his belt, so you can take a test dive in the pool, get your open water with him, or go diving in the ocean/lake. They do tours, taxi services across the borders, epic kayaks for rent to kill yourself in the surf, surfboard rental, scooter rent, airport shuttle and agood doctor as a neighbor if you break something (like your pinky toe..).

Oh, and they have hammocks as well :)

Hammock Plantation 13.49633, -89.42331

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