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Parking next to the beach is not allowed. Police will give you a ticket.
You have to park 150m North on the street

Parking at Gavà beach 41.27002, 2.03516

This place is permanently closed.

Sandfjärden 60.05739, 24.27510

Just far enough off the highway and close enough to the water to enjoy everything. Decent speeds on Verizon and AT&T with two bars each without we boost. About $30 for a site with out electric

Brighton Marina and RV Park 45.67039, -123.92473

Nice little park. Stream close by.
RVs to tents and car camping

Elliott Park 43.35666, -81.48356

Electricity and a hot shower are available for motorhomes. @trash.stress

Cachoeira salto da capivara -28.14604, -48.93292

there is yellow gates now so cant access with vehicul

Oyster river 49.88046, -125.27920

Just off the highway. Multiple hidden spots. You can go down as far as close to the river with fire pits. 1 bar on Rogers cell service.

Hydro BC Pemberton Forest Route 50.27726, -122.86143

good walmart to stay the night. park at the back off the packing lot and no one will bother you. usually many more RV will likely be there.

Wal-Mart Riviere du Loup 47.82136, -69.55355

This place is permanently closed.

quiet layby, Campbell river 50.04236, -125.29242

Quick check in even in the rain :) good pitch showers are clean.

The dower house touring park 52.42799, 0.89486

Multiple spots available. Can go drive down as far as close to the river. I parked on top of the hill overlooking the amazing river.

Hydro BC Pemberton Forest Route 50.27707, -122.86108

This place is permanently closed.

Silverton Meadow 37.82344, -107.62136

awesome free shower very clean cute park too

Entiat city park 47.66714, -120.21924

We've stayed here a few times. Never disappoints. Now the wash/shower rooms have been renovated - they were good before; now they're even better. The wifi seems stronger too - works great from the sites near the repeaters.

Lions riverbend campground 50.22919, -99.45500

Big campsite (1000 KSH ppn) on grass, directly at the lake.
Very quiet place (week days, busy on weekends). The restuarant deserves the highest praise - everything is fresh made. Great pizza and salads! Very nice staff.
You can also buy firewood at the reception, 500 KSH
Big rig friendly.

Camp Carnelley's -0.82691, 36.33716

Super pr une nuit ou deux
Restaurant et toilettes

Halte Orford 45.29137, -72.21221

Fairly busy area, but the parking lot is nice and quiet. Surrounded by lots of hotels and restaurants

Cracker Barrel - Lima, OH 40.72697, -84.07339
Marco Mok

Nice camp but choose one at the back. The noise from the road i intense. Great kitchen.

Urban Camp -22.55444, 17.09298

Ótimo camping beira-mar, estrutura nova e excelente.
Ficamos 4 dias, mas com vontade de ficar mais.
Os proprietários são extremamente receptivos e atenciosos. Fomos muito bem recepcionados!
A praia é linda e o local muito tranquilo e silencioso. Recomendamos demais!

Beach Camping -3.14699, -39.44960

Very friendly people and professional. Multi brands and quick repair services.

RiJo -8.84330, 13.28417

extremely expensive 😪
clp 13.000 each, not worth

Rancho Lobos -34.43301, -72.03378

The official Parking for campingcars, no fee. There is another huge parking next to it for day tourists of the windmills.
out of season we were four cars, guess it will be crowded in summer. quiet night only one or two locals turning a round ny car and left immediately.
no facilities.

Consuegra 39.45348, -3.61037

I wanted to stay there with a motorcycle and a tent, way too many people walk along, and as it's a river bed, it's full of rocks. The place is nice to take a swim tho (pretty cold), and for someone in a car. I ended at the Municipal Camping which only cost me 9.5€

Next to the River Bez 44.69356, 5.48942

The camp is very nice, the staff is very friendly, the food is very good. Make sure you close everything, we've been robbed here although the security was around. It can get loud at night!

Fat Monkeys -14.02376, 34.84151

Steep and rocky path, 4x4 needed, but not too far from the main road. Flat place for 2-3 cars nearly directly at a small beach. There’s a forever closed house, so property probably belongs to someone. Also some abandoned/rotten wood stuff lying around but all in all this beautiful place seems left many years ago.

Wild Camp / private beach 39.19541, 23.20564

Lika and her family welcome guests in and around their old farmhouse.
They grow tea and offer „tea tours“, dinner (10€), breakfast (4€) and other activities.
You can sleep in your vehicle (5€/person) or in a converted barrel (14€) or guestroom.
They have outdoor guests kitchen, compost toilet, hot showers and a beautiful setting in nature (river, bamboo garden,…)
A place to stay longer than planned!

Komli Camp & Homestay 41.90481, 42.04104

Amazing place, one of our favourite so far. Robin and Wycliff are great hosts. we stayed 2 nights in our rooftop tent in their garden. they offer very comfortable rooms too. Their delicious breakfast is included in the price (8$pp/night for camping). If you are looking for a laid back place to meet inspiring people you should stop there.

Villa Katwe B&B and Camping -0.32729, 31.73944
Instagram: @savannatales

Here you must pay a toll for using the national highway (20 Kwacha for our Toyota Fortuner 4x4) and they also check that you've paid the toll fees you're supposed to pay at the border you've entered Zambia. If you didn't pay it you can pay it here.

NRFA Toll -13.94585, 32.20513

Pull out from the road and overlook on the Costa brava.
Stayed here one night. Vey quiet. Fresh breeze.
Visitors, bicycles will arrive soon in the morning

Costa brava overlook 41.74305, 2.96027

Border post is open in both directions. We passed without any problems into Zambia. No PCR tests required. They did a free quick test.

Mbala / Isopa Border Post -8.68722, 31.49220

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