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very nice! a lot of people on sunday, free, quiet! mucha gente durante el domingo, pero el resto de los dias muy tranquilo, hermosos paisajes

Aguas Termales Nacimientos -27.15553, -66.75950

The gate is now closed to this location

Riverside - Colombia River 51.04170, -118.21728

Parked here alone, no other RVs, south east corner, nobody came to bother me. No signs against overnight parking! Highly recommended!

24hr Walmart Supercenter 39.42042, -119.75488

Road can be muddy when it's raining. acces rather for 4x4 vehicles.

Nice view near Nordkapp 71.10670, 25.73464

It’s a really voor spot alongside a river. Sometimes cars will be passing by

Riverside 63.36379, 11.09325
bcpov and vangirlyuka

Beautiful spot. Made it with a 2wd Ford transit with decent oversized off road tires. Drove around a few puddles in the ditch at a big angle adding some tension to the drive.

Athabaska River 53.38150, -117.65543

This place is permanently closed.

secluded place near sleeping giant 48.59802, -88.77531

Stayed here 3 nights on the Carpark, it is free and very quite at night.
Entry to the Nationalpark is 50 Pesos pP.

Paso de Cortes / Visitor Center 19.08680, -98.64632

I wasn't able to find this place.

Cascade Aquatic and Rec Center 44.51100, -116.03244

Multiple campsites surrounding Cleland Lake on crown land. Very private. We have a 19’ van, wouldn’t want anything much bigger. Roads are bumpy logging roads, but totally worth it! So beautiful. We loved it!

Cleland Lake 50.82957, -116.38915

Ótimo local , banho quente local disponível para um descanso .
Pude montar meu fogão para fazer minha refeição no estacionamento do posto funcionários muito prestativos .

Posto Graal -22.18657, -45.84450

This place is permanently closed.

Flat spot in the forest 42.29330, 2.64420

Everything people have said is true in my opinion. Except I don’t find the ships creepy haha

Hurkett Cove 48.84020, -88.48874

It's clean, safe and they offer eletricty near the 24h restaurant.

Restaurante Panorâmico -25.26062, -50.00497

Large parking area. Wifi only near the shop.

YPF -32.36054, -63.23617

This place is permanently closed.

Oregon Coast Hwy Pulloff 42.39423, -124.42295

we have a combi and we spend few nights here. right next to the road and safe

Bus Parking Area 16.71845, -92.63291

Pulled in at 10:30pm and it’s just okay for one night. Literally just a large median to the right of the road. Quite a bit of regular traffic going by, even at this hour on a Sunday. Hoping it quiets as the night goes on. Lots of other truckers here and two or three other vehicles parked.

Douglas rd street pullout 38.55946, -121.25291

Mechanical WorkShop. Repair all type of motors and brands.

Taller de Scott 9.79839, -84.17610

at the location is now a large paved parking area with a slight slope. very quiet at night, central location with great view and very close to restaurants, market and boat tours.

Quiet spot 37.72666, 41.42299

We stayed for two days and really loved it. As campers we must support community based camps and Kapak is a good example. Lucas was so friendly and attentive. Campsite and new ablutions were neat and tidy. We woke up with the chatter of the go-away birds and went to bed with the hip hop of the hippos. I bought veggies (lettuce, tomatoes, spring onions) from Lucas's nephew and Lucas can also arrange boat trips for game viewing or fishing. You will not be disappointed

Kapako Waterfront Camp -17.88362, 23.33849

An absolutely cool place, there are so many parking spaces here, it's hard to imagine. It's quiet clean sometimes a bit windy.You can see the sunrise and sunset from one place.

Frig/ Phryggea limestone hill top 39.56974, 30.15141

On the parking flat area front of Olympus Mountain Information where is
a pipe for drinking water

Litochoro Sport Complex 40.10898, 22.49827

very quiet and well maintained. not cheap but ok. no mosquitos.

Oazis-Tanya 46.41386, 19.61218
Instagram: @savannatales

Some variety of food and groceries in general.

Local Supermarket -11.22438, 31.82544

great location with many spots. with cell booster Verizon, ATT and TMobile we're great!

Acton Recreation Area 46.04429, -108.66385

Posto de gasolina tranquilo e com boa estrutura, banheiros limpos. Fica no caminho do Espírito Santo para o Rj. Se tiver fazendo o sentido contrário terá que rodar uns 6 km para fazer o retorno

betropras / oasis gasstation -22.48219, -42.14402
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Nice grassy kind of flat spot, very clean, with fire pit and a bench, easily accesible by a 4x4, but I don't think big rigs will fit the path to the place. Bring water with you. Nice crags at a five minute walk, if you're into rock climbing.

Picnic area near Pirlitor fortress 43.16282, 19.23388

Camp Junik is located at an altitude of 576m above sea level with a magnificent view over the city.
You are well off from a small family of parents with two talking children
German and understand a little English

Junikcamp 42.47338, 20.27213

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