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Nice rest area with picnic table, washer rooms, one side is a river and the other side is green field! Sani dump and potable water FREE! There are few RVs there. Around noon time there is a line up! I add few pictures here!

Dump station 49.05506, -122.17933

Very friendly service. Efficient machines. Large parking to accommodate small RVs (ours is 23’ long and had plenty of space to turn around) Next to a DQ and Subway.

Lynn Valley Laundromat 49.33748, -123.03947

The guys at this place are amazing!! I've been here since before noon when I asked them if I could hook up to 110v because my solar wasn't working. Then Brian spent literally hours trying to fix my system before we arrived at the sad fact that this pos 🦁 energy unit is dead. Now having no access to water or power they've let me stay in an extra spot on a Saturday even though they're fully booked and for less than what they charge for a tent spot I guess cuz they felt bad for me. (which I appreciate more than I can say!!) Loving the hot unlimited shower (semiprivate curtain, no lock), good wifi, and the unbelievable generosity of this place during what they tell me has been an insanely busy few months. They may be tired of the pace but they're definitely still all about genuine human kindness. They reaIly went above and beyond to help me out today. I think all RV parks are crazy expensive but they say they're on the low end pricewise. And I've never stayed in an RV park before but this place seems smaller than what I would expect with smaller spots too. The first spot I pulled into just barely fit my 19' van. Lastly, they have a great community kitchen and outdoor grill area. Beautiful views and some road noise but for the service, amenities and location I highly recommend!

ACT Campground Moab 38.55033, -109.52353

Small and inexpensive laundry shack across the road from Champs Gas Station.
Regular wash: $1.50
Large Load wash: $3.00
Drying machine: $1.50

The change machine was out of order as well as the restroom. I went across the road and changed out $3.00 and had no issues. There’s also a car vacuum out front while you wait.

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#1 Laundry 39.49484, -117.07411

Good for a one night stay. Signs say 24 hours only for RV's but there are a few on the sides that look like they've been here longer....1 bar of TMobile. Walmart can reach parking lot depending what you park it can be inconsistent.

Walmart - Trinidad 37.13805, -104.52166

Wasn’t bothered for the night. 4 vans here along the way this morning. Good night sleep.

Dallas Road adjacent to Beacon Hill Park 48.40790, -123.35993

stopped here for a break. probably wouldn’t stay the night, no privacy and seems really popular for tourists.

EDIT: there is a no camping sign

Cypress County Rest Area 49.94899, -110.02474

As stated, free campsite compliments of dept of interior….it’s a bit breezy. Spots are spaced well apart, newish picnic tables, fire pits, pit toilet kind of a walk away. Came on Sat late afternoon in late sept - only a few folks.

Belle Fourche Reservoir 44.72993, -103.71428

This is now barricaded off with a big for lease sign.

Absolutely huge abandoned factory 55.13422, -127.77001

Nice little rock in the middle of the bay, perfect for a good night of sleep. Windbreaker recommended.

Nice little rock 50.62880, -126.81154

Immense parking sur le bord de l’eau convient parfaitement pour voiture,roulotte ou vr
Il y as aussi des poubelles un peut partout dans le
Parking pour jeter vos déchets. Peut accueillir des centaine de gens !

Parc des Écluses 45.31794, -73.91235

Also internet may read between 2-4 bars but it’s deceiving- very very slow. Connectable but very slow. Think of your grandmother getting to the bathroom in a onesie at 2:30 AM without the hall-lights on kinda slow.

Keep your forests clean and green people! ❤️❤️

Themistocles Nomad - BLM 42.28975, -123.28317

Forest road 46 which has many branches. This spot is off the main FR46 hidden behind a grove and f aspen. There’s a fire ring a little further in, as well as a flat spot that was clearly used for a tent site. So quiet. The breeze through the trees is tranquil. A boondocker’s paradise.

Fall Aspen Glory 40.91847, -106.19492

Refills propane tanks - super friendly and fair. I had a small new tank that hadn’t been purged and he didn’t know how (Sat morning only til noon). The tank only took 2# instead of 5# for lack of purging and he didn’t charge me anything! Heard him fill 25# and 10# for guy ahead of me and rounded it to 30#

Patrons Coop Assoc 44.09871, -103.15828

Near the highway but hidden. In elevation. Not 4wd car required. Good place to spend the night.

Gravel flat hidden place near highway 37.23874, -113.29117
Humble Bumble

NE SRA $8 non res fee and $15 camp or $25 with electric. Don't follow Google maps, takes you down gravel to a hunting area. Stay on the pavement. Plenty of spots with some first come first serve

Keller Park State Rec Area 42.66703, -99.77652

A well establish campground with all the necessary amenities present and in good working condition. Bathrooms and kitchen are very clean and the small pool is a bonus. A short walk to the thermal springs as well

Riverview Holiday Park -14.48648, 132.25687

Local showed me spigot behind shed at gas station. Free, easy access. The only way to get water at the visitor center is using the bathroom sinks or the water fountain.

Free h2o spigot outside Great Basin 39.00911, -114.12282

Nice free park , with electric outlets, water and dump station. Toilets too. Good Verizon internet. Train passing can be noisy.

Karer Park. McCook NE 40.19741, -100.60331

Nice campsite between Chipata and South Luanga Gate. Camp is basic - no electricity, no hot water. Very friendly staff, supplied us with firewood, guard is around the whole night. There’s a little bar as well. Good place for a stopover. Camping is KWH 100,-, Chalet KWH 200,-. If you like to support the local community, stay for a night.

Maggie`s Community Camp -13.42270, 32.31749

Really nice basic setup on green lawn, some trees. Nearby a Farmhouse.
We paid 150 for 2pax, 1 night
15 km from N1
3G reception at campsites

Abrahamskraal campsite -32.93538, 21.99301
Instagram: @savannatales

nothing when we got there but after 10 minutes various herds of elefants arrived.

Kalwezi Waterhole. -17.88382, 25.06542

Beautiful, quiet and no one bothered us. Gravel ground, good size lot for a 40 ft coach. Be careful and watch for electrical outlet posts sticking out the ground about 2 1/2 ft. There is a very long winding beach of rocks and sand. If you visit respect the property and don’t litter.

Old campground 46.37824, -60.51897

Nice place on the dam, basic ablutions, braaistand and powerpoints available. R125 pppn. Railway next to the campsite, with one or two trains at night. Local police warned not to leave anything unattended at night.

Caravan park Dullstroom at the lake -25.40483, 30.10669

We have Shaded Campsites with power and Hot Showers and Chalets .we do offer Hunting in season for Eland and Springbuck

Dalbarton Game Farm / Campsite with Hot Showers and Chalets 32.00000, 18.00000

O lugar não oferece mais o serviço de camping, conseguimos dormir no estacionamento, porém com autorização do segurança que abriu uma exceção, durante o dia o local oferece estacionamento gratuito e banheiros.

canção nova -22.66265, -45.00200

This is at the end of a dead end residential ocean front road, very beautiful. big enough for one or 2 cars or one RV / trailer. After we parked a truck / trailer showed up and left. while technically there is enough room, it wouldn't be advisable to park more than one.

Petit Anse dead end road 45.49349, -60.92908
Dori & Mena

This is a large gravel parking lot located between the park and the Ottawa River bike & pedestrian path. We were 6 here overnight on a Saturday night. We heard music overnight from a nearby bar or club but we use the relax melodies white noise app so we slept well.

If you follow the path through the cinder blocks towards the park’s other parking lot, you will find flush toilets. When we stayed here it was open all day and night. To find the way, check out the pictures with the red arrows.

Parc de la Baie 45.45795, -75.69031

Beautiful campsites on the ocean and also in grassy area. Serviced and non-serviced sites. Friendly staff. Great little grocery store/cafe nearby in town.

Parc et Mer 49.23745, -65.71950

We needed to stay here for 2 days as one of our friends have had mechanical problems with her MAN Kat. There's lots of space on a flat pebbled surface.
In the evening trucks arrived to park here too, but we felt very safe.
If you leave the place to the right, a few hundred meters on the right, there's a quite good water source (fountain).

Magti 4G+ worked very well

Huge Truck Area, Good For One Night 41.58720, 44.77893

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