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Mandred is a very helpful guy and he welcomed us very attentively and helpfully. Very nice place, safe, clean and familiar. Excellent places to park the MH, with water, 220V power and place to dump the cassette.

241 RVs Parking (Manfred) -23.42940, -47.08392

A wonderful nice and quiet place for the night. A bit down at the river. Be careful at rain or when it is very wet. I can imagine it could get swampy, but when we were there it was very dry. There are a lot of birds, also Swans, and frogs. A bit more left, 80 m, is a fantastic place under trees, direct at the water, but for us too small.

At the river 38.63829, 26.89839

As stated the tap is just a few hundred beyond the dump stations. The tap will be on your left side so you can have your hoses prepared. This is a busy area. They've installed a 40 second timer on the valve, be prepared and give yourself enough room.

Sea Tac Rest Area Free water 47.27062, -122.31433

on a Big place free but on Wednesday stay only under très Saterday IS market
2 minutes to down town quiet sometimes drink people i stay hère 2 Yers ago without problem

Asti Center 44.89712, 8.21004

We were just looking for the nearest spot after hiking in the monument. We took the first tiny pullout that had a fire ring, before the one marked, because that larger one had multiple vehicles and it was late. Our 25’ class c just fit in the space, but not ideal. Kids had fun at the creek in the morning. A deer ate breakfast near our site while we ate. Quiet on a Friday night. Passed 2 OHV trailers when we left, so may be noisier during the day. Walking to the creek we passed vehicle tracks leading to several other fire rings near the creek but I’m not sure where the entrance to that was. Terrible washboard road. Figure like 5-8mph, or like 20 minutes from the main road.

Coronado National Forest 31.97065, -109.32624

The location is marked wrong. The dot marks only the road, but the national forest doesn’t start for quite a ways past this. See the marked spots farther east along the road.

Site near FR 42, Pinery Canyon Road. 31.99745, -109.38915

Nice secluded spot among the evergreens. Next to dried up stream. A blip of verizon...if you climb a tree youll get 2 bars, haha. 9 minutes to Mammoth brewery.

k2 disp forest camping 37.68001, -118.99782

Meal ist recommended, but not a must. There is a Electric Plant which make a ground Noise.

Hotel 41.89431, 20.41526

Very nice views. Clean. But windy. Quiet.

Campspot next to statue 41.78412, 44.52048

I accidentally discovered River Creek on Passport America and I'm completely in love with this Campground. Located 15 minutes from Lake Lure/Chimney Rock, 25 minutes from Rutherfordton proper, about an hour from Asheville, and 1.5 hours from Boone/Banner Elk skiing villiages, River Creek is a rustic, family run campground cozily nestled between the Broad River and a creek. It includes amenities such as pool tables, arcade games, laundry, ice machine, sandbox and a nice playground for children, pet walk area, and the dumpster is conveniently located in the central area of the park. Not to mention, the river is absolutely beautiful to play in, and there are multiple ladder accesses throughout the park. Usually it's about ankle deep, and when the river gets deeper, they have rafts to float around in the water with, and several good old fashioned rope swings. Multiple campsites are located directly on the river, and my kids spent hours in the river and at the playground/game area. I had only positive, and even wonderful interactions with the owners during my week long stay. They were so kind to me and my children, never once being cross with them for putting a softball down the pool table hole or exchanging $40 in quarters through the length of our stay. I have thoroughly enjoyed our stay here and will definitely be coming back.

Rivercreek Campground 35.41745, -82.12582

It's ok. Extremely spotty Verizon and att. Road is a little rough but my spot was flat. Easy to get to.

Beaver Canyon - Free 44.41197, -112.19592

Signs read “No Busses” but I didn’t see any “no overnight parking” signs. This place worked well for my CRV camper. I wouldn’t recommend it for anything larger than a van.

I found a spot here in the morning, parked all day, and overnighted. Woke up to see one other van behind me.

This area might not work during the very busy season. Also there’s some weirdos in the park at night so keep an eye out.

Otherwise it was really awesome to have a home base here while exploring downtown. Salem the most walkable place I’ve visited.

Salem Commons 42.52451, -70.88815

El estadero la Corraleja ofrece múltiples servicios. Puedes disfrutar de un ambiente con piscina y espacios amplios, baños, duchas y WiFi. también ofrece amplias habitaciones y zonas de camping. Su dueño Don Guillermo es muy amable. un lugar super recomendado en Granada.

Estadero La corraleja 3.52681, -73.71672

Parking for the Saguenay pathway. Please leave no trace.

Pont d'Aluminium 48.44447, -71.21721

Absolutely gorgeous place overlooking the water and mountain. Run by Army Corps of Engineers although they are not deployed here. Booked on It’s called the Riana Campground.

Abquiu Dam Corps 36.24708, -106.43123

As described the site has a stunning view of the Ugab river and is nestled between some rocky outcrops. Please buy/ collect wood before you get here as the small trees and shrubs already have a tough life without you hacking at them.

Brandberg Wild Camping with a view! -21.02498, 14.66075

We parked on the parking next to the dog park. Inside the park. Very quiet. Slept until 9am :-) perfect city-spot!

Parking next to Dog Pond Park 45.67608, -111.08224

We‘ve decided for the bridge view which is awesome. A bit left from the pier is a hidden spot between trees with space for max. 3 small campers - no big rigs.
Also on the pier is a rehearsal room from a psychedelic-rock band they played late night tales for us ;)
The quarry side is more quiet, wide and more space available.

Lonesome Fox 45.23419, 14.57809

Dump station and potable water at this location. Gas station right across cheper gas if you are going to Québec

dumping 48.01078, -66.66735

I found this to be a great dump station for my van. I can understand why the last person mentioned the tilt if you’re dumping from a reserve tank but if you’re in a van with a portable toilet this is actually great. The area is very clean so that you don’t feel like you’re walking around on shit and when you fill up with gas it’s free. Normally the price is now seven dollars which you can see in the pictures. Also you could in theory walk right up and use it since the attendant said someone has stolen the padlock (which proves that people will steal anything even a shit covered padlock) but it’s just as easy to fill up some gas and ask the attendant as a courtesy. There is a very new spigot as well for filling up and you need your own hose but again for my type of toilet I didn’t even break out the hose. The water is non-potable but good pressure and easily accessible

Chevron 35.59044, -120.69460

Beautiful waterfall inside a cave. It worth the visit but the road is hard, only for 4x4.

Hungueria Waterfall -15.28677, 13.52245

City park with restrooms and a water faucet on outside of building.

Memorial Park 41.03272, -92.39769

It's a house of a friend where we have been volunteering in his organic garden. He said it won't be a problem if people want to come and stay for couple of days . In change to be honest donation, or buy some veggies from his organic garden😅.

Jesusi place 19.90805, -96.84502

New director since september, 21. Very beautiful and cozy. Only R$30,00 / person. Hot showers, cafeteria, camping área.

Camping Balneário da Cachoeira -23.26285, -49.70051

We called and spoke to the owners to ask about parking overnight here. Specifically because we are in a small RV and not at all stealth. They said it would be OK if we paid $25. No police or attendants bothered us but lots of sketchy loud things woke us up all night beginning at 1 a.m. This place is fine for day parking and close to Hollywood Blvd.

Hollywood Boulevard Parking Lot 34.10247, -118.33005

if you are led by your navigator to the park entrance, the access road to this spot is posted "No Trespassing". If you continue north on Hwy 139, and you take Road "T", two miles in you are greeted by a locked gate at the castle guard. lots of turnouts on Road "T" before you get to the cattle guard, but wide open with no shape. Verizon weak but usable. I never did get to the coordinates, but had a nice drive exploring the dirt road.

BLM camping next to Highline SP 39.30180, -108.84781

propane fill station $12 for 20 lb cylinder

Gustafson Oil 48.86036, -99.61409

nothing here . dirt road leading to cattle loading area. see other posts for correct location a.

Colorado Welcome Center: Free Water and Dump 39.38967, -108.81730

it is a terpel service station called coin two in that service is sold there are bathrooms showers there is wi-fi connection the parking lot is quite large and you can eat

Estación de servicio Moneda 2 4.31694, -75.06414

spectacular view, if you like to eat in you neighbor's plate. made U Turn.

Halte Camping Lotbinière 46.61790, -71.93377

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