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October 16th, 2021 joshua.y.101

Amazing camp spot! Great views and nice level concrete slab to park my truck on. Att service was full bars. The dirt road coming up wasn’t bad and a car or van would do fine

Radar Ridge 46.42159, -123.79553
October 16th, 2021 kkroll33

I didn't stay but there is a super charming town and campsite here in the center. nice place to rest with a shelter, electricity, and even two fridges. lots of firewood. posted prices are tent 15$ trailer $20

Togo Town Campsite 51.40458, -101.58368
October 16th, 2021 Alicia

We parked in front of lowes behind the other trucks. There was only one other person there with us. Lights went out around 1130 and it was very quiet all night long.

Seaboard Commons 33.71364, -78.89472
October 16th, 2021 marc.castejon

Didn't feel safe on a Saturday night, lots of youngsters with music on full. Drive to state park 30 min south

kenosh beach 42.59208, -87.81731
October 16th, 2021 walemond

Campsite 5.8 on Medano Primitive Road in Great Sand Dunes National Preserve. 4WD and high clearance is required to get here. The road to get here is a rocky, slightly steep in places, and has nine water crossings.

This is one of 21 campsites spread across Medano Primitive Road. See the National Park Service website for more information.

NOTE: If you are traveling West to East on Medano Primitive Road then there is another 9 miles to go on CR 559 after you exit the National Preserve until you get to Highway 69 and the first couple miles is not much more roadlike than Medano Primitive Road itself.

Great Sand Dunes National Preserve, Campsite 5.8 37.85196, -105.43545
October 16th, 2021 Josh

Having passed through from Honduras into Nicaragua on motorcycles;

1. First stop at the small blue/white building that’s in the middle of the road, before the round about, immediately after the bridge.
2. Hand over your PCR test copies, and obtain a slip. Someone will also hand you a customs/aduana declaration to fill out.
3. Continue through the roundabout to the left towards the large blue building/complex.
4. Be stamped into Nicaragua, we were given two slips each. Pay US$13.
5. In the same building that houses immigration is the aduana. Find an agent amongst the X-ray machines who will inspect your motorcycle if needed. We had to bring in a couple of bags to scan. They’ll sign off the customs dec you pre-filled and collect the documents for your vehicle (title or registration, licence, passport).
6. Carry these to the aduana officer at the vehicle processing window and you’ll receive your TIP after they type away. This cost us nothing.
7. Drive/ride to the exit. Another person will check you have your TIP paperwork, and collect a slip that was provided by immigration.
8. If insurance is needed, a lady was offering it immediately after the gate. If you already have it, ride on!

All in, it took us about an hour and US$13 each on the Nicaragua side. Not too bad at all.

Guasaule, Honduras to Somotillo, Nicaragua 13.06229, -86.95382
October 16th, 2021 abacadie

Campground is currently closed but there is room outside the gate for a few vans, RV, tents, etc. Fee inside is $15 per night

McKenzie Crossing Campground 52.02485, -112.94382
October 16th, 2021 Myysliexpress

We wanted to see holbox. So parked the car close to the ferry station and check in in this small hotel, 16 Rooms. Reasonable price (280USd for two people and four nights) and close to coco beach, which is quiet nice. 25 min to walk until holbox centre. Good food.

Casa HX 21.51297, -87.39165
October 16th, 2021 wilgotnikiem

fine place with nice owner.we paid 50 TRY for night. in bar they have great fish.

Günay in Yeri 41.00036, 43.29915
October 16th, 2021 jennyyin3

Got in an hour after dark (the ferry took about 1.5 hours including lining up and boat ride). Sand nicely packed, easy drive, a fair number of people overnight, but enough room to be maybe 200-300 yards away from neighbors. Lots of seashells! Saw lots of reviews, but luckily very few tonight (October). Slept in car. Woke up to a stunning ocean sunrise.

Bolivar beach 29.38382, -94.72228
October 16th, 2021 our_heroes_graves

Wonderful and quiet spot! Only a few minutes from Oatman. 2 bars on T-Mobile.
Please feel free to follow me on Instagm: Our_Heroes_Graves

Valley Overlook 34.98435, -114.42921
October 16th, 2021 taib

A well established campsite located on both banks of the Sagana River and linked by a plank and rope pedestrian bridge. Parking space is separate and outside the site itself. Offers both rustic, very basic rooms with minimal furnishings and more importantly, very beautiful campsites with lush green lawns, shaded utility tables with counter tops and tap water for cooking, portable fire places, clean immaculate toilets and bathrooms with both hot and cold water.

They offer white-water rafting and and an impressive list of activities guaranteed to keep a party fully occupied plus an onsite restaurant serving basic buffet meals on pre-order basis.

Savage Wilderness Campsite -0.70745, 37.24514
October 16th, 2021 johnandmandi

Open and mostly as described. The two RV sites are across from one another and one is definitely big rig friendly. We stayed in the smaller of the two in our 20ft van with room to spare, by our estimate a 24ft rig could have easily fit. Lots of day users during the Saturday and Sunday we stayed but we were the only ones camping both nights. The highway is close but very few vehicles overnight, could run a fan for white noise if needed.

James Canyon Campground 32.90356, -105.50540
October 16th, 2021

We stayed for 2 nights without a problem. Very good cell service on AT&T data, Visible and Mint. Beautiful sunrises and sunsets. As others have mentioned, expect a good deal of wind, as this place is on a ridge line and very exposed. Also, no shade to speak of. There were maybe 10-15 campers spread about on a mid-October weekend and we did not feel crowded at all. Access is through a pretty good dirt road, but watch for scattered potholes, especially right by the cattle guards.

Badlands, South Dakota 43.89303, -102.23052
October 16th, 2021 Jackie

Spend one night out here last weekend in our roofnest. A beautiful spot and there was PLENTY of room for us to have our own space.. saw maybe 3 other groups/cars the whole time. There are great spots along the lake to set up, but also plenty of room up in the woods for ground tents as well -- and our site a a few fire rings around. Only downside was that we heard a few gunshots around 2:30am -- they were very far away (someone drunk on a Saturday night just having fun I am assuming) but it did wake our dogs up.

Kachess Lakeshore 47.27528, -121.18928
October 16th, 2021

Clean park from a city that clearly values tourist dollars. Right on the North Platte River whose bridge is currently lined with bras for Breast Cancer Awareness! Definitely show this town some gratefulness by fueling up and doing some grocery shopping at a minimum. The Park has free hot showers, clean bathrooms, RV dump, RV potable water, a big trash dumpster, picnic tables and BBQ grills. It even has a Pokestop 😆 and a meat hanging rack 😳. We heard a train around 10:30pm but if they run all night we didn’t hear it! AT&T service is great.

Riverside Park 42.76158, -105.40772
October 16th, 2021 therollinghouse

It’s open, there are several campsites and the entrances are clearly marked with Forest Service signs: Auxillary Dam, Old Isabella (with dump station), Red’s Marine and South Fork. Where it’s closed up, that’s just simply not the entrance. All are free with America the beautiful pass, otherwise $10. Paradise Cove is more developed and costs $30.

Auxiliary dam recreation area. 35.64620, -118.46334
October 16th, 2021 Struuners

Had a great night together with some other cars and RV's. Seals, pelicans and other birds when you walk down to the sea (couple minutes walk from the parking spot).

Vista Point 39.59930, -123.78506
October 16th, 2021 auroredawidowicz

Stayed 2 nights here on the week end. Rocky beach, we saw 20 dolphin on sunday morning. Easy access when dry, really nice spot

Free camping! 26.58571, -111.78726
October 16th, 2021 mindiplank

Two paved lots right next to each other. Just a spot to park for the night. Nice paved path to Riverview Park. People came to walk their dogs off-leash and a few people came and went during the night but no issues.

Nicholson-Ford Marsh 42.05691, -92.88064
October 16th, 2021 venturingangel

Great rest area for the night. Bathrooms are okay.

Blacks Creek Rest Area on Hwy I-84 Eastbound 43.47659, -116.10754
October 16th, 2021 ernst.bair

The very friendly owner Michael and Katrin open just for us. We did a great tasting of 5 different gin produced by themselve for just 50nad pp. Also the coffee was very delicious. It is a must to stop here. For the night is a perfect place nearby direct at the nautedam.

Naute Kristall Distillery -26.93917, 17.93484
October 16th, 2021 Paula

Thirty Pines has bay for high top and RV wash

Van and RV wash 43.26532, -71.58439
October 16th, 2021 tracksaroundtheworld

The best place in Iran??? We not really understand this comment. But tastes are different, as is well known. We were a bit disappointed after this post. It was ok for a night, but not more. Place is quite dirty, a lot of sheep shit. The road is loud. The river is ok. For us there are many, many other nice places.

Riverbed in green valley 36.61070, 47.11410
October 16th, 2021 blueteamgo

Great location above Lake Mead with beautiful views. Tons of parking options for any size (we have a 38' fifth wheel). There were maybe a dozen other boondockers scattered around, but it was quiet and relatively clean. Easy walk down to the beach (at least from where we were). Cell service is a bit spotty, which is the only reason we didn't stay longer.

Lake Mead 36.36668, -114.40824
October 16th, 2021 cluelessinafrica

Checked this place out but they were setting up for a birthday party and the ablutions seem to have had no attention since the last review..
Lovely setting though with avocado trees. Price 30000 pppn. We did not stay here.

Whispering Palms Campsite 0.64380, 30.27200
October 16th, 2021 cluelessinafrica

We were only offered to camp in the carpark at 10usd pp. Stayed at Nkuruba campsite instead. Take the main road between these 2 places, not the bodaboda track we took.

Rweteera Safari Park 0.50101, 30.32792
October 16th, 2021 cluelessinafrica

Party of 4 camped here. Those who hiked didn't need to pay to camp but those of us who didn't hike paid 6usd pp. Western toilets but no showers. Nice view of the river and mountains.

Rwenzori Mountains National Park 0.35530, 30.02743
October 16th, 2021 cluelessinafrica

Popped in for a visit and a brief look around. Very nice sculptures but no cafe. We were looking forward to the coffee and biscuits ;)
Stunning setting!

Rwenzori founders sculpture gallery 0.25693, 30.10747
October 16th, 2021 devlin

This is just where we stopped for the night but you could stop anywhere. To the Liuwa park gate from the ferry at Kalabo is about 10km of thick sand. This spot is about half way to the entrance gate. Peaceful place. Saw some herd boys come past but they did not visit us.

Towards Liuwa Park Gate -14.94190, 22.65968