You can sleep in the parking lot to the caves here.
The entrance to the caves costs 30QZ/Person. Furthermore 10QZ, for coming to park to park to where you can even out if you will only look at the caves. And sleep is then 35QZ/Auto.
The cave itself, I was so-so, it's pretty scary and slippery as the pig! Evening from 18h then come the bats in SCHAREN out of the cave! Standing on the top right the input / output and watch this spectacle!
One must no problems until 19h stay at the caves, if not longer!
When the light is switched off in the cave have been a lot more bats!
Flashlight & Headlamp is an advantage, although it has light! Far back in the cave listening to the light and you can then use the headlamp on.


Place: Lanquin - Grutas

Visited: January 8th, 2013

Location: 15.58042, -89.99056


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