Very overpriced for what you get (compared to everywhere else we've stayed in Mexico). Parking in a very muddy field for 430 pesos a night! (It's 350 pesos for a couple but they charged us extra for our 6 year old daughter). No hot water and no internet (normally yes but not working when we were there).
Walking distance to the ruins, great howler monkey viewing, and a lovely pool. But badly set up for vans in the rain. You're basically parked in a swamp. I think this place would be awesome if they would put down some rocks or sand or concrete in the van camping spots, or if you're there when it's not raining. (Note we had nonstop rain for almost 4 days so maybe not a normal situation!) Watch out for the biting ants.

Blog: Monkeys on the Road

Place: Maya Bell Campground

Visited: November 11th, 2017

Location: 17.48752, -92.03856


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