This place was deserted except for us. We had to call the number on the gate. It has a "for sale" sign on the gate but is open. There are cold showers and bathrooms that work. There's a great patio next to the ocean. It looks like a lot of work went into building it but is a bit in disrepair now. At $200MXN we were expecting more (at least internet or a pool). We were planning on camping at Villa Celestino but it was full up with a school trip. Villa San Miguel (up the road) was $300 (pool, wifi, etc) and if it wasn't already dark out, we would have bit the bullet and stayed there. There is also a spot that looks decent for boondocking once you get to the dirt access road. Drive straight ahead past the "baseball field" onto the beach. We asked around and were told it's pretty safe.


Place: Celestino RV Resort

Visited: May 17th, 2015

Location: 23.79316, -106.86639


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