We stayed a couple nights. Very cheap camping at only 3.50 per person. Restaurant and beer is fairly priced although I didn't care too much for the beer. I love craft beer and this tasted more like when I'd brew my own. ok, but not great. Since the prices were appropriate I still had a couple each night. What can I say I'm starved for something other than a lager or pilsner. I thought the camping was good except the gates get locked and about 9pm I needed to use the bathroom and everything was already locked since a huge storm came in early. We were able to plug in with no extra charge. I did a big load of laundry with the sink too. Good stop all around.

Blog: travelingtogether814

Place: D&D Brewery

Visited: August 30th, 2017

Location: 14.94658, -88.03822


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