STOP HERE! This place is a great parking spot and it is FREE. Much quieter than Pemex. Much more fun, if you want that. Please note that you can pull in and park without talking to anyone. No kids will mob you. No one asks for anything. It is truly easy to slip into a parking space near the entrance and remain undisturbed. If you want to interact, go to the orange building and ask for an "adulto". You could offer to help with lessons, play soccer, feed animals, draw, paint or whatever your thing is. But nothing is obligatory. The spaces are clearly visible concrete pads near the driveway. The electric and water wasn't working when we were there. There is a rough bańo that is working. There are other facilities available near the orange building if you need them.
After your stay, if you wish to donate to the children's home you can visit to make a cash donation. Before you arrive if you want to bring something with you, they welcome basic toys, balls, treats, hygiene, underwear, etc. There are about 80 kids aged 4 to 21 living there. Give your donated items to an adult for fair distribution. (No cash please). But no gift and no interactivity is required. STOP HERE, you'll love it!
(Tents, pets, kids welcome too)

Blog: It's not a slow car, it's a fast house

Place: Hogar Infantil

Visited: July 19th, 2017

Location: 16.77606, -93.38394


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