Information in previous posts is pretty out-dated. There are toilets with running water and cold showers now. Also big shelter with tables and benches. A bit challenging to find level spot, we slept well close by the bins.

They put on the generator and have a couple of sockets but that's so the guys that spend the night here can charge their phones. So no electricity for you :)

You're sleeping in a parking lot so don't expect anything fancy, but perfect to sleep one night.

By 5.30 - 6pm all tourists are gone and you're left with just the couple of guys who sleep here. Super chill.

Price is still 50Q for park entrance + 10Q for the parquadero. They should have charged us 10Q pp extra for the camping, but didn't.

The park is really beautiful btw. Start with the climb to the mirador, pretty steep but the fresh dive afterwards is very rewarding :)


Place: Semuc Champey

Visited: July 17th, 2017

Location: 15.53623, -89.95536


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