This was once a glorious RV stop with three pools, rooms for rent and a legendary bar/restaurant. Now it is in deep disrepair. We parked for one night because we needed services in Ciudad Valles. We paid $228 for 2 people and a truck camper. We did plug in to electric and ran our AC all night. We did find water spigots that worked. We ate a good steak dinner in the restaurant. (Pricey) One pool is pumped out and refilled daily with ground water. The other pool is thermal mineral water and has guppies in it. There are clean toilet rooms, but no showers. Big rigs could fit in, but likely only one electrical connection will work. There is grass, shade and a huge array of birds.

Blog: It's not a slow car, it's a fast house

Place: El Banito Balneario y Restaurante

Visited: May 17th, 2017

Location: 21.91500, -98.95139


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