small resort at North end of Lake Bacalar. Sewer, water, no electricity. we made it down the road (slowly) but without scratches to speak of in our 24 ft, 12 ft high rv. had our dog with but owners dogs barked pretty constantly when he was out or when he was in and they came to our RV. paid 250 p/night for 2 people. Bathrooms pretty dirty and often non-flushing. Down by beach and castes it is pretty and of course the lake is beautiful, but the campsites are in the trees. nice to get shade but BUGS BUGS BUGS. The manager seems a bit overwhelmed with the operation and wasn't very all. too bad, the place has potential and is very quiet. Also large tree down on the road which is only way out. Some great people did come to clear it out so only about an hour wait. Not sure I would recommend this place. sorry.


Place: Laguna Azul

Visited: April 15th, 2017

Location: 18.92500, -88.16611


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