We stay here at least a week every year as we travel the mainland. It is one of the highlights of our journey. Every morning, just before the sun comes up, we take our kayak or Jose's canoe and paddle for several hours in the lagoon on the edge of his camp. It is a magical place!! Jose has preserved the wildness of the lagoon on his property and the birds are abundant. The boat-billed herons are thick in the trees. We see skies full of great egrets and snowy egrets. Green herons lurk in the shadows. So many birds! And iguanas. And lizards. Also caimans and crocodiles in the lagoon. It's always an adventure. And in the cashew/palm grove you'll see painted buntings and the rare great wren. The "chill pool" is perfect when the temperatures get hot. The showers and bathrooms are always clean. The cell tower signal is getting better every year so internet is possible with cell phones and USB modems. High speed internet just hasn't made it to Puerto Arista yet.............and that can be a good thing. Take a deep breath, slow down and look around. You'll be amazed at what you find.

Blog: bobandmarilyn

Place: Jose's Camping And Cabanas

Visited: February 10th, 2017

Location: 15.93147, -93.80080


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