We stayed here at same time as Live.Travel.Play, FlightlessKiwis, and OurBiggerPicture. Hanging with other Overlanders was a BLAST! The owner is very nice as stated before,and the campground is an easy walk to the Pyramids. However....the owner has several dogs, it's very noisy, and one of the Dalmatians took a large chunk of our dog's ear. Most folks that have met Sprite know she can be a PITA, but this time she was actually making nice when the other dog bit her. Later, we were told by another camper the same Dalmatian had attacked her dog earlier. So, nice owner, convenient to pyramids, but noisy, and if you have a dog be careful. We would not go back.

Blog: Wake the Dead Diaries

Place: Trailer Park Teotihuacan

Visited: March 13th, 2015

Location: 19.68281, -98.87071


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