while we were here, someone came in a truck to collect money. we talked with them (in spanish) and explained that it was our understanding that the beach is free. we said we were more than happy to pay if that was not the case, but we wanted to make sure we were paying the right people. they didn't argue - either they hear that a lot, or they weren't legit. we spoke to a lady in the gringo settlement who said they collect weekly, and a guy that said they collect at the end of each month. so it remains unclear if this beach is actually free or not.
stayed once a few years back and had no issue.
either way, the beach is pretty. the snorkeling and swimming is pretty good, and it's worth a visit!


Place: Juncalito Beach

Visited: January 9th, 2017

Location: 25.83076, -111.32466


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