Beautiful area, price of $80 per person, per night seems very fair.

Awesome place to kayak or sup. Flocks of Makaws flying overhead and in the trees, howler monkeys in the early AM.

The weather was nice while we were there, but I'd imagine it can get pretty hot in the summers...

We came in off the 145d from the West and were told by a man just outside of Tilapan that the road was impassable. He also seemed to want a ride in the opposite direction, so we told him we'd chance it. Shortly after, two guys tried to wave us over, but hadn't even looked at the two local rigs in front of us so we just waved and smiled innocently (my favorite tactic) and drove past.

The road was pretty rough up until about there, but actually became really nice not long after. Not sure what they were playing at, but it sounds like we're not the only ones to be messed with. The road is good and most everyone friendly. it's an awesome area.

Blog: Flip Flop Cowboy

Place: La Jungla, Catemaco

Visited: February 22nd, 2017

Location: 18.44528, -95.06737


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