I don't think the bathrooms are that bad. Bring your own TP. The view sure beats a parking lot, and the price sure beats that expensive place. It's all locked up when you arrive, but shortly after pulling up to the gate a man greeted us. Due to the mixed reviews we looked around first. Bathrooms are clean enough. Seen WAY worse. The water was not on, but they had it running in no time. The huge grass lot with amazing views is very tranquil all day and night. you don't need to ask about electricity. There is a plug on every large tree in the lot. The pool looked clean, but we didn't try. There is a gazebo with a big cooking grill, and large sink for dishes. We also washed our clothes in it too. He asked 80Q we paid 60Q, and if you plan to stay more then a night I'm sure you could keep talking him down more. Tigo works great 4G.

Blog: travelingtogether814

Place: Bahia Atitlan Inn

Visited: January 24th, 2017

Location: 14.74747, -91.16460


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