BATS ARE SO COOL. The cave is actually very cool too. We'll light, but you will still need a flashlight for when you leave the cave. During winter bats start coming out at 5:30. We paid 30Q per person and 35Q for camping. A grand total of 95Q, ouch! It was very mellow, no one else showed up for a tour. The bathrooms are not my favorite. pit toilets, one smelled what you would expect the cave to smell like. Cave doesn't smell. Nice security guard all night. All traffic noise goes away after dark. You can access the river for a dip, or tubing if you like. Alex gives tubing tour with all transportation included for 70Q.

Blog: travelingtogether814

Place: Lanquin - Grutas

Visited: January 14th, 2017

Location: 15.58023, -89.99042


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