Got here at 2:30 pm on a Thursday and had to circle a few times for an opening. By 5pm all the spots were taken by vans. The guy in front of me said that was his 2nd night there and no cops no knocks. The street was a little noisy all evening but after 10 or so it went silent and I slept well. The park there was nice and I walked the beach a few times and played fetch with the dog and watched the surfers. It’s a great spot but I doubt it will be here forever. Be aware that there is a city ordinance that states “no oversized vehicles” on any city streets so finding any parking anywhere was a f-ing nightmare just to run errands. SB is not rv or van friendly at all and the parking lots are tight too. @beinghumanrv

Blog: BeingHumanRV

Place: Santa Barbara Point


Location: 34.39857, -119.70332


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