Excellent forest retreat. The host is a great guy! Price is fair.
At the driveway, where you will see a sign for La Jungla, there are 2 roads going into the trees... Be sure to follow the one on the left. The gat may be closed and appear chained, but you should be able to remove the chain. Close after you pass through. The road will appear to branch off but those are just exit routes (probably for busier times, to alleviate traffic on the otherwise single-lane driveway). Any which way you choose goes to the campground.
We did it with a trailer 3.5 meters tall. The problem would be length... There are some turns and hills to navigate. Rigs longer than 9 meter will have trouble. Of course we touched the trees/bushes but no damage at all.


Place: La Jungla, Catemaco

Visited: November 24th, 2016

Location: 18.44407, -95.06728


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