Not sure why this spot is marked as closed.

The road in is the usual washboard dirt, but is fine for 2WD. We stayed for 2 days and a night. We were charge 50P/DAY - so 200P - I think he decides what to charge when he sees you. There are some small basins with hot water to the right of the dam, under the palm tree. Evidently the water is very high now, so the springs are having a minimal impact on the water temp above the dam. The water below the dam is cool but nice for swimming. Know that there is wildlife in the pools - snakes and fish and such. The snakes will cause you no harm. It would be cool to snorkel and check out what all is in there. There were other campers, all younger than us, all lovely.

We would have stayed longer but needed ice.

Blog: Mic’n’Di

Place: El Chorro

Visited: January 19th, 2022

Location: 23.44042, -109.80740


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