Stayed here for one night. The grassy park is nice and you’re walking distance to bathrooms and to a beach next door. Lots of surfers and other vans. We slept here along with 5 or so others. Many of the other campers didn’t seem to meet the size requirements stated in other comments, but they were still there in the morning. We even saw a cop car earlier in the night that didn’t stop or bother any of the campers. Lots of car noise before 11pm but it was very quiet the rest of night. Some loud teenagers waxing their surfboards in the park around 6:45am but they didn’t stay long. Overall a nice place to stay for a night.
With all that being said, still park at your own risk. It seems like no one’s logged any problems within the last year, but we definitely were careful not to draw too much attention; example, not having lights on in the van after dark.

Blog: kaela.campanella

Place: Santa Barbara Point


Location: 34.39881, -119.70314


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