Slept in the Washburn, cheaper one.
Both are connected and managed together.
Indeed no showers or water whatsoever (though we found a spigot with a tiny flow to wash dishes).
Plenty of pit toilets.
This campground is like 2 miles from the entrance and up the hill, sites are smallish but the ground is large. Lots of sites.
Few trees but great star gazing. Fire pits in all sites.
It was nice for the price and the area.
Strange note: ALL site had a Reserved sign in the posts, even though there were only like 5% of the sites used.
We asked the neighbors and they told us that management said not to bother about it, just grab a site… Guess they just do not remove the signs and are useless?

Blog: intisolsticio

Place: San Simeon Campground


Location: 35.59670, -121.12337


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