Moises and Lucy are very nice and helpful camp hosts. They allowed us to clean our vehicles after a few days of driving in the mud. For $100 pesos per person and $100 pesos for vehicle, we have electricity, water, sewer, showers, bathrooms, outside kitchen and access to a small creek to relax with cool water when it’s warm. We stayed for 2 nights as we were going to the Tamul waterfalls the next day which was an amazing trip. Moises recommended a guide named Guillermo that brought us in his pickup to the site ($1,600 pesos for 4 people) and we walked for 15 minutes to get on our boat to the waterfall which took about 1 1/2 hours. As we left at 10:00 am and came back around 3:30 pm we decided to spend a 2nd night and relaxed after a very nice day at the waterfall. Highly recommend this camping for all size RV’s.

Blog: gtherreault

Place: Campamento Tiempo & Espacio


Location: 21.83123, -99.14671


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