Excellent compound at Batz Gluecksland ! We used their service upon arrival to pick up our vehicle. They immediately supported with quick fixes for our batteries, electrical wiring of the solar panel and interior cleaning.

We returned 4 weeks later after our namibia trip and left the vehicle for long term storage. 700 NMD per month. Markus built solid warehouses and takes care about batteries and is very knowledgeable about Overlander needs. He will have the second warehouse ready beginning of next year for higher big rigs.

Area is about 40 mins from Windhoek downtown and 30mins from the airport. Also the campsites are really nice located amd make you feel that you are in the bush. (See our separate comment on the campground marking)

Bottom line, perfect place to start and end your trip for namibia!

Blog: gresse.philipp

Place: Gluecksland - Car Storage Namibia


Location: -22.62412, 17.32995


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