We camped very near to this spot last night pulled off the road in a sandy spot. There was trash around and a view of the mountains. The road is has lots of views and appears to have had a lot of work done on it to make it wider, good for 2wd except for washboard. We have a 12 ton overland truck and could drive well past halfway from east to west on this road before it gets too rough and narrow. Then it's best for a Jeep or similar. This is a popular road to bicycle on and we saw several. While camped last night at about 9 pm, a lady started beeping her horn and calling to us at our door. When we opened it she said the Buddha camp just down the road owns all of this and we're illegally camped on private property, alongside the road in what is best described as an old construction turnaround area. She said it was 500 pesos to stay overnight. We said that number was quite unreasonable and gave her 200 which she took and left saying we had to leave first thing in the morning. Then she said if we were interested we could come down to the Buddha establishment. We left to find friendlier places because we've been in Baja long enough to know that this is unusual and inappropriate.


Place: "Orange Road"


Location: 23.31809, -109.76828


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