We returned after an unforeseen almost 2 years (because of the pandemic) to find our Land Cruiser just the way we left it. Mina had kept us up to date with pictures.

Batteries were completely dead and would not accept any charge,. because of bad preparation (we expected to be back in 2 months, not years). Erik Salgado (known to Mina) was called and sold us two new batteries.

Bathrooms are the same as 2 years ago, still 3 dogs, town still noisy. But it makes a nice basecamp to sort expired temporary import permit issues, repack luggage, clean, visit CDMX for a few days.

Very friendly atmosphere. Recommended.

Blog: Adriaan&Isabelle

Place: Trailer Park Teotihuacan

Visited: November 24th, 2021

Location: 19.68292, -98.87041


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