This is a very good campground. We spent 2 nights here with a tent. If you are friendly and smile, the owner will be friendly and smile too. Fast wifi, clean showers and toilets. We were very happy here. 100p pro person. No big trouble with mosquitos if you use some repellent. /// Close to this camping ground on the Av. Bonampak street the local police stops tourists here for „crossing a red light“ or „speeding“ and write ticket for 4.000 or 8.000 pesos. They will take your driving license until you pay the ticket on the police station (this is actually legal in Cancun). Or you can pay the half to the cop and you are free (bribe). We were stopped here 3 times and it was always the same. We always play dumb and don’t speak English or Spanish with them and they let us drive without pay anything. Be careful.

Blog: tomas.hchn

Place: Trailer park and Cabanas Mecolco Inn

Visited: November 22nd, 2021

Location: 21.21243, -86.80362


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