Covid times. Road not as clear as described because less traveled now, branches growing but it's fine. Easy to find, Google maps will bring you there and major forks in the road have a sign pointing you there. Google deviates a bit in this sense but it all connects. Got there in the dark, rainy day, nice man still welcomed me. $5 park entrance, $7 vehicle ( VW Vanagon Syncro). $10 for sand board, $15 snowboard (advice: you can't turn on snowboard, and you can't steer or correct your trajectory either!)
I camped at the gate to be close to showers but you can go in and camp at the base of the hiking trail if you want to. If I were there a second night, that would have been great for star gazing.
Hiked by myself, nobody was there all morning, went to see the crater at the back, a group arrived when I hiked the base around after my ride. I went down the face a bit to the right that has no tracks, in hopes to carve it, but no...
If you have 4WD you can drive by the base like they do to pick people from the bottom of their rides. I went all the way through the eucalyptus trees and around back to the entrance gate. Pretty drive that gets narrow, I wouldn't recommend with a big rig at all. Very photogenic at the base. Great time, took a shower on my way back, and filled up water in my van. It's extremely slow bc it fills by gravity, so be ready to stare at the fill up for a while. Gave the guy a nice tip for being so kind.

Blog: Alika

Place: Cerro Negro


Location: 12.50119, -86.70065


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