Paid 140 per night. Stayed two nights. We had planned to stay 3 but we were not that excited about the place. The showers are locked, most the bathrooms were locked except the one in Zone 7 on the lake where we camped. The lake is a small man made reservoir. This place is 9,000ft up and was very cold while we were there. Went to hike all the trails and found them all. Walked the whole park in multiple circles to make up a 3 mile hike. When we got there our dog and us made a dog friend. She stayed with us the whole time. She is very sweet, only problem is she protected our camp as soon as we went to bed and ALL night long barking and crazy dog fights. She got into our awning tent and ate a huge chunk of cheese we left out and a bag of chips. We realized this is why she appears to have a home. There are lots of stray dogs living at this park. Don't leave anything out. Great place to come if your looking to adopt. Even for the announce I would have liked to keep her.

Blog: travelingtogether814

Place: Parque Estatal El Ocotal

Visited: October 26th, 2016

Location: 19.80868, -99.75071


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