yep no dogs. We were hoping to get them to slide. We camped just outside of the camp ground behind the restaurant for free. Asked permission. Cops came by. seemed they just wanted to make sure we were not planning on hiking that night. When we arrived Friday night we were the only ones there. When we woke up there were tons of car. Tons of people. I couldn't get over how many people set of for this hike on a Saturday. The camp ground was crazy noisy with load music and firecrackers all night, and again first thing in the morning. On the trail hundreds of people were backpacking up. Many with proper gear, but hundreds of others carrying Colman tents, garbage bags of clothes and rolled up blankets. We were very cold the night before even in our camper with lots of blankets, so that's why it was so crazy to think they were carrying all that gear up there. We think they will freeze. The hike is up, up, up. We feel like we are in pretty good shape, but had to stop often. We both started to feel pretty sick from Altitude. We probably just need way more time in altitude. We were also told from a local it takes 1.5 hours up, so that's how much water we brought. We hiked well over two hours before we could see the summit, and that was were we started to feel really bad, and the summit was another 1 or 2 at the pace we were going.

Blog: travelingtogether814

Place: Malintzi Centro Vacacional

Visited: October 14th, 2016

Location: 19.28042, -98.04223


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