Needed a place for overnight as we made our way to Big Sur.

We pulled in to find a non-manned post with directions on how to pay for your spot.

It’s a first come first serve no online registration parking spot. Find a spot get parked and pay CASH in an envelope supplied at the entrance post, write your info and add your camp fees (again only cash) and drop into the box. You keep the bottom portion to clip on your site post to show you paid.

This place seems sketchy, it wasn’t the best place but it worked in a pinch.

The parking spots are along a road that leads to a park and a small pond area... people drove through all hours of the day and night. Some people we saw getting high and tweaking out in their cars just down the road between the camp spots and the park.

We did see a park ranger drive through a few times, and it looks like some people live there in their trailers but who knows...

Our bus is 37’ and she fit fine in a spot.
I think it was $35 a night and full hookups.

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Place: River Park


Location: 34.64689, -120.43239


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