- 80 pesos per person
- cold showers, flushing toilets (no toilet seats, as per usual)
- very nice location in lush vegetation
- lake, concrete pool and slide, tobogan (looks abandoned and quite dangerous)
- the road to the campground leads through a dense jungle - would be tricky for anything higher than 3 m (but is quite fun, especially at night)
- you can see all kinds of animals here if you are lucky, we saw an armadillo, dozens of birds and a pack of hawler monkeys (one of them visited us at night, rocking the van as it tried to get inside, probably smelling something interesting)
- DO NOT TAKE MEX179 TO GET HERE, the road is practically non-existent (December 3rd 2013), potholes the size of your wheel, sometimes completely washed away, very dangerous looking bridge, etc.

Blog: Get out of Town

Place: La Jungla, Catemaco

Visited: December 3rd, 2013

Location: 18.44528, -95.06737


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