- 100 pesos (somebody will come to collect it, make sure you get the receipt/ticket)
- hot springs, multiple possibilites in the area
- this has just a pit toilet and rather underwhelming warm river and some concerete hot "tubs". Would be nice, but there was too much trash and cow crap to enjoy swimming.
- pit toilet, nothing else
- access on a long sandy road

- there are some other options more to the north in San Jorge - high clearance definitely recommended. We drove there, but it was raining and a sketchy local asked 200 pesos for camping in a rather messy campground (looked more like his workshop) and could not provide a receipt. It didn't feel right, so we did not stay. But there should be some nice short trails and hot springs in the area.

Blog: Get out of Town

Place: El Chorro

Visited: November 16th, 2013

Location: 23.44080, -109.80577


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