As described, better suited for RVs but we made it work for our tent as it’s the only option in town. Zero shade so be prepared for hot days. Bathrooms were average, no hot water but that wasn’t really an issue. As for tranquility... not so much! Dogs are at it all night, by 4am the roosters get going,then there is the traffic (the campsite was mostly used a a car park with some early departures) we wore earplugs to get through the night. Price at time of visit was $90 per person, we stayed 2 nights. The road up there is steep and narrow, I bet it’s an ice rink in the rain! Walk to town is about 20’ coming back... uphill maybe a bit more. A few tiny tiendas around enough for beer, snacks and water.

Blog: 2ADVriders

Place: Morrill RV Park

Visited: April 8th, 2021

Location: 21.02491, -101.25253


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