Bathroom is clean but no TP. We are tent camping with two motorcycles and a dog. Charged 100 pesos per person per night. Don't know if higher due to holiday weekend, rates increasing or just cause they felt like it. No one here when we arrived and we were partially set up so no real way to bargain and our Spanish is poor. The location is fantastic for walking into town. Vehicles safe. It is essentially a grass car park and does fill up at night, clearly the primary business. It is no joke about dogs barking so use ear plugs. For a secure place to camp in the city it is a reasonable deal because we found lodging that included parking in the city to be expensive for our budget.

Blog: SMBoilerWorks

Place: Morrill RV Park

Visited: November 15th, 2014

Location: 21.02494, -101.25253


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