So far so good. I’ve been here for 1 hour and no cars passing by as of 8:57 PM. Fire ring is gone due to high fire danger. As of this writing and coming from Yosemite, the first turn off has a sign stating “no overnight parking or camping”. Go to the second turnoff about 2 miles down the road. There is no sign. If anybody bugs you, then just state there was noooooo sign!

This area is an ALL FIRE BAN! No charcoal grills or propane stoves to cook with. The integrity of Yosemite is at stake, and we overlanders will do our part to maintain its integrity as well as ours. Did I mention there was absolutely no trash in this spot at the time of this writing? 🙏🏼

Blog: junkeemailer

Place: flat spot just outside NP


Location: 37.81047, -119.89594


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