Street parking by the park/beach. Do NOT park in the parking lot (will get towed) but you CAN park on the street right at where I’ve pinned a spot. Been here 3 days. Has a bathroom nearby. Short walk to Leadbetter beach (which also has showers).

I suggest you park on the beach side, not the side that has houses. Both are legal parking spots, but it’s illegal to sleep in your van in Santa Barbara County. If you’re in front of a house they’ll prob call the cops. Other side of the street tho and your golden.

Park is busy every day that you’re next to, but no one seemed to mind when I got out of the van, lots of people live in their van in this city so as long as you’re not a nuisance you’re good.

Blog: zed

Place: Santa Barbara Point


Location: 34.39857, -119.70332


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