Same spot as “Camping in Tikal” point. There are only 2 choices:
- Jaguar inn, where even the owner told us their internet sucked and where you basically park in a very small gravel parking lot (no difference from sleeping before the entrance of the park - except you pay 50Q/p) and where minibuses enter all the time to pickup or drop tourists groups...
- Tikal Campground, large grassy area and calm where you can have your space and play with your kids (weren’t bothered at all by noise of the electric power station)
We took eyes closed the second option and went back to the entrance to pay the campground.
If you want internet just go have a soda or coffee to the restaurant, wifi is pretty good and you get 2h for free. Probably it’s even on at nights and don’t need password


Place: Tikal Campground

Visited: February 18th, 2020

Location: 17.22527, -89.61132


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