There were 3 of us in our party with class c RVs (motorhomes). We are the biggest and have a Lazy Daze that is just under 27 feet long and we pull a 2 door Jeep Wrangler. We followed the advice of others and took the "Panoramic" route, however we definitely had to disconnect prior to getting here due to the tight turns and possiblity of needing to back up. There is a supermarket about 10 minutes away with a decent size parking lot where we did this. That plaza also has a laundry service which was nice. When going through the tunnels on the way into the city if you're in a tall vehicle be sure to stay to the middle and use both lanes like the local buses do. We sent one of the towed vehicles to the front to block the short section of one way traffic just before the entrance, as we could not fit coming from the other direction. This place is definitely more van / truck camper friendly as it is really a small parking area for locals. It was tight not only getting here, but getting into a spot as well. It is a nice walk down into the beautiful city and a uphill walk back.. after a little too much tequila we opted to Uber back from downtown for about $40 pesos.. so very cheap. We stayed 6 nights and paid $200 a night, it was more for us as we had 2 in our RV and had to pay to park the Jeep as well.. overall still very cheap. The bathrooms were clean and had great hot water! The views are amazing as well. Now for the bad part, other than getting here that is. ALL OF THE SPACES SHARE ONE 20 AMP BREAKER FOR ELECTRICITY. For us it was not a big deal as we the weather was nice and we all 3 have solar systems with inverters. While we were here there were our group of 3 RVs with our 2 towed vehicles, plus one small bus conversion, and a camper van. So had the weather been hot it would of been an issue trying for more than one of us to run an air conditioner. Luckily the breaker is in the little closet between the bathrooms should two of you try to make coffee at the same time or etc. As others noted the dogs are loud and bark all night long. However that is the entire city, it is not the dogs at the RV park. They are all over the city and the hills easily carry the sounds across. For us it wasn't a big deal as we just opened a window at the other end of the RV and ran a fan to drown out the dogs. I'm just mentioning it so you are aware. Overall this place was cheap, had great showers, an amazing view, and the locals are very friendly. However the one electrical breaker may be an issue for some, especially if the weather is hot. It's also a little stressful to get to due to the how the city is set up, not that's the RV parks fault. Just something to keep in mind. I doubt if anything much larger than us would of made it into the park. Excellent cell phone signal and speeds (T-mobile aka TELCEL here) I hope this helps!

Blog: ImNotLostImRVing

Place: Morrill RV Park

Visited: February 11th, 2020

Location: 21.02491, -101.25253


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