Patience is the word!! Nothing was complicated, but this is what to expect:

1. We showed up at the DJI (Part I) at 5:30am, parked, the official there gave us #8. There were a couple other overlanders too.

2. We waited in line with our papers for the office to open at 7am, registered ourselves.

3. Waited in the lot until about 7:30am when the inspector came out and talked for a loooong time. But all he cares is that you have your papers (passport, passport stamp, Title, TIP) and your engine is clean enough for him to see the motor number (in our case it was our VIN).

4. By 8:20 he'd gone through the other 7 vehicles before us, quickly looked at our number, and we were done. That's all.

5. At 1:45pm we came back to park in the same lot, walked down the road and across the bridge to the second DJI office (labeled Part II on the app), walk straight in, don't wait in the line.

6. Gave the lady our inspection paper. Later gave our 2nd copies of passport, passport stamp, title, TIP. Waited an hour.

7. At 3pm they gave us our approved inspection papers, done!


Place: Part 1 - DIJ Vehicle Inspection for Exporting Vehicle

Visited: January 17th, 2020

Location: 8.966366, -79.544774