Beautiful campground with perfect jungle flair. Paid 300 pesos but was well worth the money. Clean bathrooms (though not a lot of privacy as there are only shower curtains instead of doors but we were almost the only ones so no problem), nice pool area, nice RV parking, very green now in the rainy season. Unfortunately no working wifi though. The restaurant (more or less the only food option around if you don't cook yourself) is nice and has very freshly prepared food, but it is pricey compared to the size of the dishes and Mexican food in other places. Also some Mexican dishes weren't really the same as what you get on the street. The campground is walking distance from the ruins, 2 km along the street. After 700 m you can take a jungle trail to the ruins which is much nicer that the street.


Place: Maya Bell Campground

Visited: June 14th, 2016

Location: 17.48788, -92.03772


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