Previous comments about trying to finagle the owners out of money and that it's not worth any money are a bit mind blowing.

Electricity at your site. Decent bathrooms. Corner stores where you can buy water, beer, smokes, etc. very close, and you're within walking distance to Guanajuato?! Beautiful view. There's a craft brewery up the hill (go to the top, maybe 2 blocks, not far, make a right, it's on the left at the first street).

Awesome owners. We didn't haggle at all and were charged 110 MXN / night for all 5 of us. Haggling seems to have hurt the others.

Blog: Wand'rly

Place: Morrill RV Park

Visited: May 28th, 2016

Location: 21.02491, -101.25253


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